3Wheeler Bikes Are Better Than Racing And Mountain Bikes | Richard Tells Why


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Hello super doper bikers worldwide, so I just started this blog, bikepackingtutor a few days ago.

While still sourcing and creating content that would be helpful to every biker out there, I thought to myself it would be beneficial and exciting if we have a section on the blog where we interact with pros and new bikers.

This is not a forum, but a personal interactive session with bikers who are interested in sharing their biking experience with us and all other bikers out there.

How This Works

These are bikers who wish to share their story with us telling us about their biking experience, their type of bike, and the challenges they face.

If they are pro bikers, they will share some bike recommendations for newbies or aspiring bikers.

Before the interactive session ends, the biker shares some words of advice to new and existing riders, and after that, we get it published for fellow bikers to read and learn.

As time goes by, we would see how interesting it becomes, if the results turn out positive, then we would have a particular day to be sharing a biker story.

So, luckily, the first guest we have on the blog is Mr. Richard A Browm. Seat and relax while you read our interactive session with Richard.

Hello, my name is Chimezie, the lead publisher at Bikepackingtutor. Please, can you tell me your name, sir?

Hi, my name is Richard A. Brown.

Mr Richard, where are you communicating with us?

I’m chatting with you from Butler Pennsylvania, USA.

So Richard, tell me a brief history of your biking lifestyle.

I started riding a bicycle when I was three (3) and  Motorcycles when I was 5, but since we are dealing with bikepacking, let me focus on the bike alone.

One of my heroes was Evel Knievel, a motorcycle daredevil, so I quickly learned how to do stunts and jump ramps.

I built my first motorized bicycle when I was ten (10) years old. I used a gasoline engine from a weedeater.

Mr Richard, are you still a biker, or have you retired?

I only ride very infrequently as of now because I have no bicycle anymore.

The last time I drove a bike was about three (3) weeks ago, I think. I drive anytime I get a chance from my friend or maybe until I get another bike.

Okay, so tell me during your days of owning your bicycle, what type of bike do you own?

I’ve had many different kinds, and they include;

  • Mountain bikes
  • Racing bikes
  • 3Wheeler bike

I used each of these bicycles for different purposes. I used my Racing bike, especially for exercise.

They have a different frame design and skinnier tires and rims, they also utilize caliper braking and multiple gears with derailleur devices for changing speeds, and I used my Mountain bike for transportation.

Mountain bike has massive duty tires and frames with 10-21gears, I used it mostly to go back and forth to my job, and when I’m shopping, I put my item in the backpack.

Most of the mountain bikes, especially the one I used to own, have caliper-style brakes and front and rear derailleur devices to change gears.

Some have shock absorbers to smooth the ride. I’ve repaired rebuilt and designed my own over the years.

My favorite is the 3wheeler bike; I used it for utility-type purposes like hauling things and shopping.


I have equipped it with a horn battery headlight and taillights and a citizens band radio for communication.

It had an alternator and ignition switch to control the power. It also had a bench seat on the back which my daughter’s sat in when they were younger.

The one that I modified had small-diameter wheels, and the front wheel was equipped with drum brakes similar to a motorcycle.

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They have very heavy-duty spokes and rims. It only had one gear and with nobody sitting on it weighed almost 200 pounds. I did most of the modifications on it myself.

Do you ride for fun or purposes?

I ride for both fun and purposes because sometimes I may be bored at home and won’t have choices to do anything else, and the only thing that comes through my mind is my bike.

Sometimes I choose to ride it for purpose because I wish to learn new stunts and how to perfect all the brakes and other useful features.

Pros Of Moutain Bikes

  • They are durable and reasonably fast.
  • They are inexpensive
  • Capable of engaging rough terrain
  • Easy to maintain

Cons Of Moutain Bikes

  • They are physically demanding.

Pros Of Racing Bikes

  • They are swift

Cons Of Racing Bikes

  • Very expensive
  • Too easily damaged

Pros Of 3 Wheeler Bikes

  • Fun to ride
  • Very useful to convey goods or even carry little children

Cons Of 3 Wheeler Bikes

  • Very Difficult to operate, but once you get your body conditioned, it is fun.

Thanks for all this info, Mr. Richard, so having used these three bikes, out of the experience which of them would you consider the best and why?

I would have to say the 3Wheeler bike because it was beneficial good for exercise and very purposeful not to mention the one I had was rare. It was one of a kind in my community.

Please can you mention your model?

It was custom made by the US army in the 1950s it did not have a brand name. Without anyone on it, it weighed nearly 200 pounds.

So Mr. Richard, do you have any word of advice for beginners or existing bikers?

Nothing much to say, the only thing I can say to every biker out there, beginner or pro, If you cannot build or fix that bike of yours, please consider using a bus as a means of transportation.

Thank you so much for your time Mr. Richard for your time, do have a beautiful day ahead.

So, guys, that’s our interactive section with Mr. Richard A. Brown It’s our first-ever interactive section with Chimezie and the Bikers Story on the blog.

If you love this and wish that we continue it on the blog, let me know using the comment section. If you have any recommendations on how to make this show a better one, use the comment section too.

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