6 Best Bike Shorts For Touring And Bikepacking To Buy In 2021


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Best Cycling Shorts For Touring: Seeing my neighbor’s four-year-old son bleed from a little accident he had while riding his little bike reminded me of myself at that age.

In all honesty, I feel I am one of the many few who should give you bike tips especially when it comes to safety, not because I am a pro or anything of that sort, but simply because of the many injuries I sustained whilst learning how to balance my body on the “iron horse.

It was so bad that my mum had to hide the bicycle beyond my reach, but did that deter me?


Are you in a Hurry? See below our TOP 3 Picks Of The 6 Best Bike Shorts For Touring And Bikepacking

1. DE SOTO female bike shortsWB3-2020 (Black, Medium)SEE ON AMAZON
2. 2XU Women’s Tri shorts2XU Perform 7" Tri Short Black/Black, X-SmallSEE ON AMAZON
3. LOUIS GARNEAU Men’s Bike shortsFit Sensor 2 Padded, Breathable, Compression Bike Shorts, BlackSEE ON AMAZON
As they say “persistence pays”, and after a while, I got a hang of the whole thing, but not without some scars, some of which I still have on my skin to this day.

I know some of y’all reading this didn’t experience it this bad, but as I grew older, I got to know the importance of gearing up properly before hitting the road with my bike due to the bullies I got to encounter on the school bus, and one of them was getting a good pair of bike shorts.

As a cyclist, and by cyclist I just don’t mean pro, you just can’t do without bike shorts, especially if you intend to cycle for a long distance.

I actually wore mine as underpants, then changed into the regular ones when I got to school, so you can say I have quite the experience.

Bike shorts make you extremely comfortable while you make that journey, but that’s not all.

Here are some of the awesome benefits of putting on bike shorts and not ordinary pants for a cycling trip.   

Benefits of wearing bike shorts for cycling

1. They wick away sweat

This is important especially when you cycle during temperate seasons of the year.

Bike shorts help to wick away sweat from your groin area that can often result in chafing and rashes.

They keep you feeling completely fresh thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric technology

2. They let you move very flexibly

When it comes to flexibility, normal shorts do not stand a chance and I say this in no uncertain terms.

Bike shorts are very flexible and they allow you to pump the required force as you pedal through your way to victory.

The only way persons who can perfectly describe this feeling are those who have cycled with ordinary shorts and bike shorts, and like a friend of mine once said “the comparison cannot be described by mere words”.

3. They provide your muscles with the needed compression

Compression clothing is relevant for weight lifters, runners, and a host of other sports including cycling.

Bike shorts provides the amazing benefits of compression clothing by reducing fatigue and muscle soreness while cycling.

This property will increase your endurance and also conserve energy in your leg region.

4. Bike shorts give you an aerodynamic advantage

Even cycling pros know the importance of reducing wind resistance, and wearing Bike shorts helps you achieve exactly that.

Bike shorts are skin tights that give an aerodynamic advantage which is necessary if you want to keep up with your speed.

It also means that you get to use less speed to reach a certain distance, compared to when you wear normal shorts.

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It streams lines your body to your bike which is essential if you are to reduce the 75% to 90% of wind resistance cyclists come up against when they ride on a flat road.

Bike shorts are skin tights, but they are also very breathable giving your body a renewed sense of vigor.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Bike Shorts For Touring And Bikepacking – Buyers Guide

There are various types of bike shorts in the market, however, before settling down on a brand, here are the following things you should look out for.   

1. They will serve as your underwear

If you have a problem with not wearing underwear before a piece of clothing, then you might find this a little awkward.

Bike shorts are meant to serve as both your shorts and your underwear at the same time.

They are extremely comfortable and will certainly make you feel at ease with yourself for the duration of the race or event. 

2. The inseam

The inseams in Bike shorts tend to vary on a general note, some are short, while others aren’t.

Pro cyclist tends to prefer shorts that fit just right above the knee because it tends to protect your thighs from the sun, while longer seams will keep your shorts in place than shorter seams.

So, based on your choice, pick the length that is more suitable for you. 

3. The waistband

Look out for how tight the shorts will be to your waist by purchasing your actual size, but this wouldn’t be a problem if you intend to purchase a cycling bib.

Bike shorts can be quite frustrating if they are too slacked or too tight at the waist region.

4. Chamois

For those of you wondering what a chamois is, a chamois is a word for padding when it comes to bike and cycling shorts.

They come in different materials based on the manufacturer’s discretion, and they also come in different sizes and body anatomy (it’s different for both men and women).

So ensure you’re purchasing the right pair that resonates with your body anatomy so that you don’t have regrets.

5. Check the number of the panels

In the course of purchase, you are likely to come across brands notifying you of the number of panels their Bike shorts are made up of, but this shouldn’t confuse you.

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Panels help Bike shorts sit perfectly around your leg region, and with that being said, the more panel Bike shorts have, the better it will fit- but you should note that cheap Bike shorts have fewer panels.

6. Pick a suitable color

This doesn’t count for much, but I felt the need to include it here for the sake of those who might find it useful.

Most cyclists prefer the dominant black because it tends to go with most clothes and apparel, apart from the versatility, colored Bike shorts are usually more expensive than black ones.

Having known the factors, here are the six (6) best Bike shorts I know will serve you in more ways than you can imagine.

My opinion is not just based on personal purchases, but opinions gotten from cyclists’ online forums.

They come highly recommended by cyclists and pro cyclists around the world.

Feel free to make your pick.

Best Bike Shorts For Touring And Bikepacking – Reviews

1. LOUIS GARNEAU Men’s Bike shorts


The first on my list that comes highly recommended is the LOUIS GARNEAU men’s bike shorts, and here are some of its features that will interest you.


1. Material composition

The LOUIS GARNEAU men’s bike shorts are made up of lycra, nylon, polyester, and spandex, to give you the optimal feel.

2. Size and panel number

It comes in various sizes, so make sure you select the size that fits you appropriately, as it really matters a lot.

It also has a panel number of 10.

3. Breathability

The LOUIS GARNEAU men’s bike shorts are designed with the latest moisture-wicking technology to provide all-around breathability in the fabric. 

4. Very flexible

The materials that make up the LOUIS GARNEAU men’s bike shorts make it extremely flexible which allows it to align perfectly with your body thereby reducing wind resistance to the barest minimum.

5. Chamois design

The scrotal area of the body is protected from long hours of sitting thanks to the chamois protection that makes the groin area very comfortable for the duration of the race.

6. Reflective design

Peradventure your race spans into the wee hours of the day, the LOUIS GARNEAU men’s bike shorts are designed to absorb sunlight during the day, which makes certain areas of the shorts reflective at night.

This helps to improve to make you visible to other road users.

7. Care and maintenance

You are advised not to wash the LOUIS GARNEAU men’s bike shorts with strong chlorine products as it might ruin the material in the long run.

Also, set your machine to gentle.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It has a high panel count (10)
  • It is highly durable
  • it comes in various size


  • It comes in only one color (black)
  • There are no pockets to put your personal stuff

2. SLS3 Triathlon shorts


The SLS3 triathlon shorts comes highly recommended because it can serve for three (3) sporting events at the same time, which are cycling, racing, and swimming.

The SLS3 triathlon shorts also has some amazing features that will interest you.


1. Material composition

The SLS3 triathlon shorts are made up of 80% nylon and 20% spandex blend to provide you with an optimal feel of satisfaction.

Some users have even likened it to being a second skin.

2. Size

The SLS3 triathlon shorts come in various sizes, and each price tends to differ, as the size increases.

3. Breathability

It is designed with the latest moisture-wicking technology to leave you completely dry while cycling regardless of the hot weather.

4. Very comfortable and flexible

When it comes to cycling, the SLS3 triathlon shorts are designed with the standard compression features to support your muscles without you feeling tight in any way.

You also enjoy a chafe-free experience all through your race.

5. Chamois design

The SLS3 triathlon shorts are designed with a foam-cushioned pad that ensures that you enjoy a chafe-free cycling experience in the long run

6. Maintenance and care

The manufactures have warned against using it often in chlorinated waters (swimming purposes), as it will ruin the fabric of the shorts in the long run.


  • It can be used for other forms of sport such as racing (very versatile)
  • It is very durable
  • It provides support to the necessary areas of the body
  • It comes in various sizes
  • It has a pocket that can fit your phone


  • Users have warned against using it in a swimming pool, so you might want to apply caution in that regard. Just ensure you don’t swim with it regularly.

3. ALLY Men’s Mountain Bike Padded Shorts


The final bike short on my list is the ALLY men’s mountain bike shorts.

If you intend to cycle through the woods, then the ALLY men’s mountain bike shorts come highly recommended due to the following features.


1. Style

The ALLY men’s mountain bike shorts come in two separate shorts, an inner short, and a baggy.

They can be worn simultaneously when biking, and you could also decide to wear the baggy independently.

2. Size

It comes in various sizes, so do well to ensure that you pick the right size.

3. Water resistance

The baggy shorts of the ALLY men’s mountain bike short is completely water-resistant, and it also dries very quickly when contact is made with water.

4. Lightweight

It is extremely lightweight, and it won’t act as any form of a burden to your legs.

5. Enough pocket spaces

Cycling in mountainous areas will require you to carry some edibles along the way, and the ALLY men’s mountain bike shorts have spacious pockets to fit in your goodies all at once.

6. Waist adjuster

The ALLY men’s mountain bike shorts have a waist loop and hook that makes it pretty easy to adjust, to provide you with a firm feel around your waist region.

7. Padded

It is also padded in specific areas to eradicate any form of chafing while racing.

8. Maintenance and care

The ALLY men’s mountain bike shorts can be washed in a machine, as long as it is set to gentle wash.


  • It can serve as your cycling shorts and your everyday shorts
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is padded
  • It dries very quickly
  • It is very lightweight


  • The baggy part of the shorts doesn’t wick away sweat if you decide to wear it alone
  • It is also not aerodynamic when worn with the baggy shorts

 4. SLS3 Tri Shorts for women


Moving to the women section, the first on my list is the SLS3 tri shorts for women.

I reviewed the male piece of this product, and it’s only normal that I review the female version of the same brand.

Let’s see what the SLS3 tri shorts for women have to offer, shall we?


1. Material composition

The SLS3 tri shorts for women are made up of nylon and lycra.

The design also incorporates flatlock finishes that increase the comfort you feel in this product.

2. Size

It comes in various sizes you can pick from, and it also has a lovely camo design to fit your style and charisma.

3. Breathable

You can be sure of enjoying dryness all the way, thanks to its breathable material that allows the easy passage of air to your skin, without any problem at all.

4. Very flexible

The SLS3 tri shorts for women are known for their flexibility and skin-like nature.

It has an elastic waistband and drawing string that keeps the shorts in place at all times.

It is also designed with the streamlined single layer engineering tech to completely eliminate the term same athletes have come to know as “sausage legs”.

5. Lovely design

Ladies love to have their gears aligned to their taste, and the manufacturers of the SLS3 tri shorts for women had that in mind in the cause of production, the SLS3 tri shorts for women are designed to not just fit the occasion, but also comes with long enough legs to prevent any form of chafing while running.

It also has a very lightweight feel.

6. Care and maintenance

The SLS3 tri shorts for women can be easily washed.

Simply follow the care guidelines on the product packaging.


  • It comes highly recommended
  • It has a lovely design
  • Very comfortable
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • It can be used for cycling and other field sports as well.


  • There are no pockets.

5. 2XU Women’s Tri shorts


Next up is the 2XU women’s tri shorts.

2XU is a household hold name in terms of providing sporting apparel, and the 2XU women’s tri shorts does not disappoint in any way.

Let’s see some of its features.


1. Material composition

The 2XU women’s tri shorts is made up of 68% nylon and 32% Elastane.

It also features sensor mesh X panels that have high-filament hydrophilic nylon yarn to give it the required feel and fit your body deserves.

2. Size

It comes in various sizes that range from small to extra-large, so you’re certain that there is a size for you.

3. Breathable

You can be sure to feel dry in the 2XU women’s tri shorts regardless of what the weatherman due to its SENSOR MESH X-zone paneling design.

4. Very flexible

The 2XU women’s tri shorts are designed with a perforated Italian silicone gripper to guarantee you flexibility and secure fitting which helps to maximize aerodynamics and comforts.

5. Lovely cushion

The 2XU women’s tri shorts are also designed with the PRO LD CHAMOIS cushion to protect you from chafing, and also give an enjoyable feel regardless of the course length.

6. Care and maintenance

The manufactures of 2XU women’s tri shorts have instructed that the 2XU women’s tri shorts should be hand washed only, so don’t be in a hurry to toss it into the machine.


  • Very durable
  • It comes highly recommended
  • Designed to make cycling extremely comfortable
  • Gives you a dry feel all through the race
  • very flexible   
  • it has pockets


  • It is not machine washable

6. DE SOTO female bike shorts


Finally, or what I prefer to call the icing on a very tasty cake is the DE SOTO female bike shorts.

Known for its durability and elegance, the DE SOTO female bike shorts offer you biking comfort for up to 400 miles.

Here is more you should know about this amazing product.


1. Size

The DE SOTO female bike shorts come in various sizes, so ensure you look up the size chart before making your purchase.

The sizes range from extra small-XXlarge.

2. Breathable

It is made with the latest moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry and fresh throughout your racecourse.

3. Very flexible

The DE SOTO female bike shorts give you a skin feel anytime you put them on.

It conforms to the geometry of your body without any questions asked.

4. Stays in place

It has a wideband elastic wrap that wraps around the backside to keep the shorts up and stable all through.

5. Padding feature

The DE SOTO female bike shorts are designed with pads to prevent chafing, and these pads are antimicrobial and moisture-wicking at the same time.


  • It comes highly recommended
  • It is perfect for cycling
  • Very flexible
  • It is designed with pockets, large enough to keep your phones and other accessories.
  • It is designed to go the distance you are willing to go.


  • Some users have said the chamois pad is larger than expected, so I suggest you take your sizing seriously so that you don’t have this complaint as well.

That rounds up my six (6) top bike shorts.

Here are some FAQs you might have with regards to biking in general.

Are padded bike shorts necessary?

Yes, padded bike shorts are necessary due to the effect of the seat on our bodies over a long period.

If you go biking without padded shorts, you are almost certain to experience chafing in your groin area which is not the way you would want to feel after cycling.

Bike shorts help to combat this effect to its barest minimum.

Do you wear bike shorts over shorts?

There is nothing wrong with wearing normal shorts over bike shorts, but you should note that doing such will affect your aerodynamic resistance to the wind compared to when you wear your bike shorts alone.

Bike shorts are designed to streamline your body to reduce the air resistance your body encounters when cycling.

This resistance can impede your speed when racing, and can also make you get tired far too easily if one is not careful.

How do I make my bike seat not hurt?

That’s why you have bike shorts!

Bike shorts are designed to make you feel extremely comfortable regardless of how painful your bicycle seats are.

You could also consider increasing the padding on your bicycle seats by attaching foam in the area you will sit down, this will also help to reduce whatever pain you feel when you sit down on your bike.

Why do my sit bones hurt when cycling?

Sit bone pain is a common case amongst bikers who use their bikes at every slightest opportunity.

There are certain reasons your bones hurt, and some of them include the following;

Direct injury to the sit bone includes hamstring bruising, stress fracture of the ischial tuberosity, etc.

  • Prolong periods of leg activity
  • Prolong sitting on bike saddles
  • Overstretching of the sit bone muscles can be accidental

If you are experiencing sit bone pain, then it’s likely that you cycle more times than you should.

I recommend that you see a physician, and also try and cut down on the amount of time you cycle.

Using the right gears for cycling will also go a long way in curbing this menace.

Where do you seat on a bike seat?

Before getting the right placement on a bike seat, you should always endeavor to ride a bike your size.

It shouldn’t be smaller than your body frame. 

Set your seat height appropriately.

To do this, set your bike on the wall, then adjust the seats until the seats are high enough to give you a slightly bent knee when you pedal.

Ensure that you don’t strain too much to reach the pedal.

Lean towards the bike as you ride.

As you do this, your body will form a sort of triangular shape.

This position helps to distribute waits all over your body, and it doesn’t put too much pressure on the sit bone.

If you have a challenge in reaching the handlebars, look for a means to bring them closer.

Does your bum get used to cycling?

In the long term, yes, but it’s usually a long and painful process.

Don’t expect it to happen overnight.

Why does my groin hurt when I ride a bike?

This is commonly caused by not wearing the right biking shorts, and also when your saddle is too high or too low which can increase the pressure on your groin.

To avoid this, your saddle should be high enough so that at the bottom of your pedal stroke, your legs remain slightly bent.

Best Cycling Shorts For Touring – Conclusion

Cycling is something we all enjoy doing, but we must go about it the right way so that we can all enjoy the health benefits it gives to us.

We can get more from cycling, if only we are willing to do more, in other to stay protected at all times.

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