5 Best Touring Bike Handlebars To Buy In 2021


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What is the “best” handlebar for touring? Touring bikes can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to have the right bike and the best gear to make those long days more enjoyable.

Bike saddles and handlebars are not only a necessity for completing each day’s ride, but they can also help offer riders added comfort and even improve posture. A high-quality set of handlebars is an investment that is definitely worth it.

The “best” handlebar for touring varies depending on what type of bike you’re using. If you have a mountain bike, we recommend a flattish, round crossbar like the Satori NOIRETTE Classic Flat Handlebar because it conforms to the shape of your hands and wrists better.

This is particularly important if you’re going to be riding for long distances or lifting heavy loads.

If your bike is more of a road racer or commuter, then any bar with a slight drop like the Satori will work just fine.

Good handlebars are so important that, if you hope to have any stability in handling your bike, then they are assumed to be exactly what you wish for.

They ensure that it is possible for you to ride for several hours non-stop and across difficult terrains,  without necessarily getting tired.

When fitted with the right handlebars and maintained regularly according to expert advice, you will not only elongate the life span of the bike but will also spare yourself from wasteful expenses and at the same time continue to have a pleasurable riding experience.

Are you in a Hurry? See below our TOP 3 Picks Of The 5 Best Bike Touring Handlebars

1. Profile Design Legacy II Clip-On Bar Aluminium BlackII Clip-On Bar Aluminium BlackSEE ON AMAZON
2. SUNLITE D-Cruiser Handlebar32 inches W by 13.5 inches H by 7/8 inches BlackSEE ON AMAZON
3. SUNLITE MTB/City Steel Handlebars.5" Rise, Black, 25.4mm Clamp, 27.5" LengthSEE ON AMAZON

Why do we need a handlebar?

  • Good handlebars accord us the ability to go riding even through very difficult terrains replete with obstacles and undulations, without getting tired prematurely.
  • In fact, they are bound to make your riding adventure so pleasurable and lengthy that you will surprise even yourself, much fewer others.
  • They give you the opportunity to make out with friends, loved ones, or even compete excellently in riding tournaments of any class or distinction.

To begin the discussion from everyone’s perspective, how do we get the best possible handlebars, since they determine the quality of the riding experience we have.

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We shall, on this premise, endeavor to introduce to you handlebars that are no second fiddle to any similar or competing products on the market.

However, before we do that, let us look at what characteristics make a handlebar choosable and also certain decisions to make, for good reasons.

5 Best Touring Bike Handlebars – Buyers’ Guide

Before purchasing a bicycle handlebar, these are the things you need to consider, so you can get one that aligns with your needs.

  • Nature of materials used in their production.
  • Sizes of the handlebars.
  • Durability.
  • Customer-friendly terms of supply.

1. Nature of materials used in their production.

To make sure that handlebars serve us relentlessly as they are expected to, they should be crafted with materials that command stand-out qualities.

For example, recommended handlebars are produced using either carbon fiber or aluminum.

On its part, carbon is known for undeniable lightness in weight, without any compromise in strength.

This means that,  though carbon is light in weight,  it is still as strong or even stronger than much heavier substances.

In addition, carbon is not only rust-resistant which makes it possible to wash your bike without fear, but is also an anti-shock and as such absorbs any effects of forceful landings, as you ride on bumpy terrains.

Other handlebars are produced with aluminum, which is another rust-resistant and light building material, much like carbon in many aspects. 

2. Sizes of the handlebars.

Most of these good handlebars are one-size-fits many since they are produced with clamps that make it possible for them to fit most bikes.

Furthermore, in other to ensure that they are always a perfect fit, these handlebars have corner joints that are treated at high temperatures and are hence impact resistant.

They are thus good as windbreakers and have an internal routing that helps to minimize the influence of the wind as you ride along.

They also have ergonomic features that fit your posture perfectly for universal compatibility.

3. Durability.

We have already explained the corrosion-free natures of the substances used in producing these handlebars.

Since they resist water corrosion that enables them to command unrivaled strength, they are therefore able to serve you for a very long time satisfactorily.

Much the reason why they are said to last almost forever.

You simply can’t just beat these marvelous characteristics, however, you may try.

4. Customer-friendly terms of supply.

These renowned products are sold subject to conditions that ensure the refund of all money spent in their purchase or the replacement of defective items on request, provided the items are returned intact and have not in any way being tempered with.

This is as most customer-friendly as should be expected anywhere, wouldn’t you say? Personally,  I would rather make my purchases at places where my interests and satisfaction are held very dear and respected too.

5 Best Touring Bike Handlebars – Reviews

We have given you all the necessary heads up to make certain that you buy the right handlebars to benefit from limitless satisfaction at all times.

It has therefore become pertinent to introduce to you the 5 best bike handlebars that possess these seemingly impossible qualities and attractive purchase conditions.

They include:

1. Profile Design Legacy II Clip-On Bar Aluminium Black


Features Of Profile Design Legacy

  • Durability.
  • Dimensions.
  • Terms of sale.

1. Durability.

This handlebar is produced using aluminum which makes it light and easy to handle without any reduction in its ability to withstand hard hits or heavy falls while riding or even during storage.

It can withstand deformation from either being knocked hard or rough handling.

That aluminum is rust-resistant means the product is guaranteed to be in your service for just as long as you care to maintain it.

You can therefore say, without any fear of contradiction, that it is likely going to be the last bike you will buy, unless you choose to give it out, of your own accord.

2. Dimensions.

It measures 26mm by 31.8mm in size.

This implies that with the correct adjustments of its clamp bolts, it can be made to fit many bikes in contemporary use.

This is a feature that without a doubt adds versatility to any road bike. In addition, its armrests are fully adjustable too, since they are rotational.

The product is constantly being upgraded with such regularity that ensures it will always be ahead of its competitors.

If a reliable bike is what you really desire, then be rest assured that, you have no reason to look elsewhere for whatever reason.

3. Terms of sale.

The handlebar, like all other products of rare distinction, is sold under terms that will ensure you have nothing to fear or lose.

These enviable and attractive terms are nothing but a sure testament to the simple fact that the manufacturers are certain the product will never fail to serve you as advertised.

Under these terms, defective or rejected purchases can always be returned,  for either refund or replacements instantly.

So, whatever happens, you are certainly covered.


  • They are durable.
  • Easy to mount or disassemble.
  • The item is attractive with its unique design and various colorations to serve whatever color choice you have.
  • They are sold under excellent conditions.


  • The product does not come with the banana seat and sissy bar.
  • It is a little costly, though all good items are.

2. SUNLITE D-Cruiser Handlebar


Features Of SUNLITE D-Cruiser Handlebar

  • Durability.
  • Dimensions.
  • Material composition.

1. Durability.

That the handlebar is crafted from hardened steel confers on it exemplary resilience that makes it both capable of withstanding easy shape distortion, due to hard falls or knocks,  and also able to resist corrosion by either water or other chemical agents.

You are certain to have your bike around until such time you may decide otherwise.

The steel structure also makes it shock-resistant, thereby protecting you from the effects of bumpy rides.

2. Dimensions.

This handlebar measures 23.25 inches, Chrome, 10.5 inches Rise, and is supplied with a one-inch clamp, which means that it can fit most types of bikes with the right adjustments.

It is also able to fit taller riders since it can be raised to about 20.5 inches if so desired.

3. Material composition.

The handlebar is made up of steel and chrome metals, which though light in weight but are as tough as any other metals used for this purpose.

You do not have to fear the rigors and pains associated with bumpy rides in rough surroundings, due to its shock-absorbing qualities.

The handlebar also makes the control of the bike as easy as you will ever get it, no matter the ground you are navigating.

The best possible choice is without a doubt made if you should settle on this riding wonder, whether for pleasurable rides with family or friends or even when you have a biking tournament coming up.

You are assuredly in good hands with this masterpiece, that enables you to ride away in great delight.

Whenever riding is the issue, listen to those who have what it takes and this product is one of them.


  • This item is very durable.
  • It is light in weight which makes for easy control and haulage.
  • The handlebar can fit all manner of bikes when adjusted correctly.
  • Excellent impact absorption and limits wind resistance.
  • Posses a granule paint to lessen friction between the bar and handlebar.


  • It is not supplied along with a seat or sissy
  • Its width might be slightly small for some riders.

3. Wald 803BL City Bicycle Mid-Riser Handlebar.


Features Of Wald 803BL City Bicycle Mid-Riser Handlebar

  • Durability.
  • Dimensions.
  • Terms of sales.

1. Durability.

It is produced using handmade, black steel which protects it from the risk and threat of corrosion by common agents like water.

These materials also confer on it the excessive strength to withstand damage due to falls or rough uses.

The smooth lines and mid-rise of the handlebar makes it possible to get a comfortable riding position regardless of your body size

2. Dimensions.

This item precisely measures 5.25 inches rise and 27 inches wingspan.

This means that it cannot only fit most bikes but also people of varying body types.

The clamp bolt on it ensures that needed adjustments are possible and easy, whenever necessary.

It also has a 25.4-millimeter clamp area for versatile uses and is so designed to fit most Wald steel bike baskets.

3. Terms of sales.

You really do not have anything to worry about since, if you are dissatisfied with it at any time, the suppliers will fully refund or replace rejected items instantly on request.

Additionally, free maintenance is available to all customers for many years after purchase.

These terms are an assurance that you are not buying anything you are likely to either reject or be dissatisfied with.


  • This handlebar is light and highly fortified to withstand easy damage.
  • It is also rust-resistant.
  • The product is sold with excellent terms assured at all times.
  • Durability is certain judging by the materials used in its production.


  • The center taper takes too much of the bar.
  • It may not be wide enough to mount a light.

4. SUNLITE MTB/City Steel Handlebars.


Features Of SUNLITE MTB/City Steel Handlebars

  • Durability.
  • Dimensions.
  • Terms of sale.

1. Durability.

This product is crafted in fortified steel for extreme durability and resilience, even when used roughly in difficult terrains.

The metal from which it is produced resists both corrosion and easy distortion due to minor accidents.

This property assures you more than anything that you have a gadget that is meant to last.

To further attest to this, the metal from which it is produced resists corrosion, even in regular contact with water.

2. Dimensions.

The handlebar measures 28 inches by 6 inches by 2.5 inches and also weighs about 1.36 pounds which is light enough for easy handling and haulage.

It can rise by up to 5 inches when required and has a 25.4 mm clamp for attachment.

It is also about 27.5 mm long.

All these features show that it is just the right pick for most people and that all you need to enjoy them is proper adjustments.

3. Terms of sale.

To make sure that your needs are met without undue compromise, the product is sold with the offer of free maintenance for several years after purchase. 


  • The item is as durable as any you can buy,  if not more.
  • It is light in weight for easy handling.
  • It is sold covered with excellent customer-friendly terms.


  • Its width may not be comfortable for some users.

5. Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike, 8-21 Speeds, 27.5-Inch Wheels, Aluminium Frame, Disc Brakes, Multiple Colours.


Features Of Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

  • Durability.
  • Dimensions.

1. Durability.

Manufactured using a Tectonic aluminum frame for lightweight and durability hardly seen in most competing brands.

This bike will serve you for as long as possible, with proper care and regular maintenance.

The aluminum frame also makes it very resistant to corrosion, despite any regular washing or rains, while out riding.

Its resilient and attractively designed handlebar is its best quality and that had earned it a place here since the most recommended handlebars are our primary objective.

2. Dimensions.

The wheels of this bike measure about 27.5 inches, which is recommended for riding comfortably in even very difficult conditions of sand, mud, or other debris.

You can count on it to take you through them.

It also has between 8 to 22-speed selections for easy movements across different surroundings.

The handlebar of this bike is so crafted to be fit perfectly onto most other bikes.


  • It is very light,  which means you can ride without the fear of exertion for long periods.
  • It is very durable.
  • It resists the corrosion effects of water.
  • The handlebar is about the best you can get anywhere, for the multiple adjustments it provides.


  • The bike is costlier than most of its competitors, which is to be expected, judging by its class and aesthetics.

Here are some answered questions you might have with regards to the best road bike handlebars

Why do touring bikes have drop handlebars?

Touring bikes have drop handlebars for many reasons such as the fact that drop bars get your body a little lower or better still, give you the option of riding in a lower posture.

They also offer the benefit of being able to change your back angle, which translates into riding for a long without getting tired.

They are not just comfortable but are also preferred for touring bikes because they allow you to pull against them in the drop position.

They are also the bikes of choice for racers because their widths concede with the widths of your shoulders and they equally provide lots of holding positions.

How do I choose the right handlebars?

To choose the right handlebars, you must consider the role played by several factors such as the width.

It is recommended that you choose a handlebar that is more or less having the same width as the distance between your AC joint and your shoulders so that whenever you are holding them, the drop knuckles are outside the line of the shoulders.

Narrower handlebars permit free aerodynamic positions and wider handlebars stabilize the bike and give more control.

Secondly, you must consider the reach too, which is the distance the bar reaches from the clamp area.

Tall riders should go for longer reaches and shorter ones for shorter reaches.

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The drop must also be given due consideration in choosing the correct handlebars.

The drop which is the distance between the top and the bottom of the handlebar is chosen based on height. 

Choose that which best fits you.

Finally, you must take shape into consideration too, which varies from bar to bar. To decide on which kind of shape you ought to choose, get the hoods in the correct place, and also minimize the extent of bending in the rig,  during drop rides.

There are three kinds of drop shapes to choose from, which are: traditional, ergonomic, and variable radius.

How do I make my road bike handlebars more comfortable?

To make your road bike handlebars more comfortable, check the handlebar height.

The handlebars must not be too far away from the saddle or else they will cause pains in the lower back or hamstring muscles.

Choose carefully.

You should also check the height of the saddle;  don’t place the saddles too high or else you risk pains in the knees and placing them too low may lead to injuries.

The saddle angle is another important factor when making your road bike handlebar more comfortable.

Choose a saddle angle that neither gives you pain nor makes you uncomfortable.

Everything depends on your body’s anatomy.

The tire pressure is another thing you must not disregard in making your handlebars more comfortable.

Lowering your tire pressure helps to remove the sting from rough rides; lower tire pressures ensure that you are not excessively stressed even after long rides. 

At certain times, it may be necessary to get a new bike entirely, in order to make your road bike handlebars more comfortable.

However, while doing this, get the bike with the best possible fit for you and the experts can help you out here.

What width handlebars should I use?

Wide bars such as the 46 cm G Series,  are most useful for beginner riders since they offer a lot more stability than the narrow ones.

The best bars are those that match the shoulder width, especially for those who ride in mixed terrains, on rough roads, or even gravel-littered tracks.

Wide bars also assist riders in issues pertaining to shoulder cramps or pains, neck discomfort, jaw pains, or fatigue in the limbs. 

Though for seasoned riders with slimmer holds, the narrower bars can be of some benefit.

As a general rule, the narrower the bar, the faster the ride is.

In essence, if one wishes to achieve more speed and balance, they should move from using wider to narrower bars.

For instance, if you are fond of using a 44 cm bar, you should graduate to using the 40 or 42 cm bar to achieve more speed.

To sum it up, the best bar for you, if you wish to ride faster and more comfortably, is the one which is narrower than that which you have been using.

So, your choice should be based on these considerations.

Are wider handlebars better?

It is not a question of narrower or wider, but that of going from a wider handlebar to a narrower one.

This is because a wide bar to you may just be too narrow for another rider.

Essentially, therefore, move from a wider bar which you are currently using to a narrower one if you wish to improve on your speed and stability.

Are narrow handlebars better?

Yes, for all intents and purposes, they are.

This is because, as explained earlier, narrower handlebars accord more stability, balance, and speed, against the wider ones.

Are 780mm handlebars too wide?

No, they are not, at least for the purpose of discussion.

This is mostly due to the fact that wider handlebars basically force riders to move their weight forward since that is where it ought to be if you must bend your arms to control the bike more properly.

In that position, you can easily disengage your steering inputs from the bouncing and knocks your bike is getting.

Handlebars worth 760 mm give you all these advantages and the 780 mm handlebar is one of them.

So, they aren’t too wide, strictly speaking.

What is the “best” handlebar for touring – Conclusion

As you can see, handlebar choice is a matter of personal preference. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

How comfortable you feel is extremely important.

If you’re going to be spending long hours in the saddle, choose something that feels good, even on the first ride. That way your body will quickly adapt and you won’t have to make changes of any kind later on—just continue to enjoy the ride!

If you have a mountain bike, we recommend a flattish, round crossbar like the Satori NOIRETTE Classic Flat Handlebar because it conforms to the shape of your hands and wrists better.

If your bike is more of a road racer or commuter, then any bar with a slight drop like the Satori will work just fine.

It’s also good to choose a handlebar with an ergonomic profile to help offer you more comfort and control. This will give you better stability and allow your hands to move naturally, even when carrying a load.

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