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Putting panniers on a bike is, simply put, converting a road bike to a touring bike.

It is quite possible to do that with just a few adjustments here and there.

You can mount these panniers on any bike, even when you don’t have the eyelets to attach a rack.

But how can we mount panniers on a bike successfully? We shall look at this question from all perspectives necessary.

Certainly, you can put panniers on a road bike.

However, to be able to do this, some provisions have to be met in the bikes.

For most bikes, there is this mechanism that is fitted onto them known as the eyelet, using which you can put panniers on the bike.

Even where this feature is not available on your bike, there are other methods you can adopt to achieve the same result.

All in all, you can put panniers on a bike.

However, when it comes to mounting panniers on road bikes, we have several options and each one of them with marvelous outcomes.

Below are some of these ways:

  • Putting racks on your road bikes.
  • The use of P-Clamps.
  • Through the use of Tubus Stay Mounting Clamps.
  • Seatposts Clamps with Rack Eyelets.
  • Tubus Quick Release Rack Mountain Kit.

1. Putting racks on your road bikes.

Yes, you can mount panniers comfortably on road bikes and by so doing effectively converting them from road bikes to touring bikes.

A special category of bikes such as Trek and Giant Road Bikes provide the option of mounting panniers or racks on the bikes with the use of eyelets on their frames.

In cases where your bike does not have this eyelet option, there are other practical means of achieving good and satisfactory results.

2. The use of P-Clamps.

These cushion metal alternatives will stand as a reliable and satisfactory option to that where you use the eyelets to hang panniers.

The P-clamps are both cheap and easy options to use, which can also be found in most hardware stores.

They are manufactured in varying sizes, just to ensure that your choice is also available, which will fit the needed tube diameter.

In addition, they are easy to install; just open up the clamp and place it over the fork blade or seat stay and close it shut.

Thereafter, tighten it up with a bolt,  to make sure that it stays in place and cannot be easily dislodged.

You have thus found a hanger for your pannier. That’s it.

3. Through the use of Tubus Stay Mounting Clamps.

The Tubus Stay Mounting Clamps are similar to the P-Clamps but are designed in such a way that they can fit only into the Tubus Racks of any bike without the eyelets.

4. Seatposts Clamps with Rack Eyelets.

There are various designs of bicycle racks and some are best suited for mounting with a Seatpost clamp by using the appropriate rack eyelets.

These clamps are exceptionally good for bicycles that do not come with eyelets for mounting racks.

5. Tubus Quick Release Rack Mountain Kit.

Like all other methods of putting panniers on bikes, this method is also suitable for bikes that do not have lower eyelets, which will allow you to mount the frame by using a fast-release mountain design.

Can you put a rack on a road bike?

Road bikes are sensitive to pressure and for that reason, clamping things on them is not very advisable.

Instead, you should use mountain lugs, which are usually in the frame structure, or possibly mount a rack that you can fasten to the seat clamp bolts or the rear axles.

Better still, buy a bag for carrying things on the bike, since courier bags are equally uncomfortable and not very accessible too, but a rack is not recommended to be mounted on a road bike.

How do panniers attach to a bike?

Panniers are produced in all shapes and sizes.

For this reason, no particular pannier is perfect for everyone.

You might want to consider using rear panniers because they are quite capable of handling heavy loads and are also easy to assemble as well.

In order to attach panniers to your bike properly, we shall look at how to rear panniers can be made more effective on the bike.

Rear panniers are produced mostly with a click system, whose advantage is that the bag can be quickly attached or released, as the case may be.

This feature is very useful for commuting or even touring purposes.

Through this provision, you can carry and even store your bags at work or in a tent, as well as in a hotel room.

Rear panniers are additionally easy to use, just like shoulder bags.

Do you leave panniers on Bike?

This question concerns what to do to secure your load in the event you have to leave your bike, for whatever reason.

You can leave the panniers on the bike but taking along with you the most valuable items in a handlebar bag, such as your wallet or small electronics, for example.

Another method is to put valuable items such as the netbooks towards the bottom of the panniers with clothing on top.

This has the effect of making the back of the bike look difficult to rifle with, for any potential intruder.

Front panniers are in most cases gladdened with foodstuff, water bottles, maps, and many other articles of little value.

However, none of these procedures is foolproof and cannot be totally relied upon to discourage a determined thief.

Some people prefer to keep the bike with its pannier in plain sight to everybody when they are not around!

Wow, you know why?

This is because any prospective thief will imagine the owner of the bike, who may be milling in the crowd around, is watching. How ingenious indeed.

How do you carry things on a road bike?

To carry things on a road bike, you have many options.

Below are the commonest ones you can adopt:

  • By adding a basket.
  • By adding a rack.
  • Adding bungees and tie-downs.
  • Using your imagination.

1. By adding a basket.

Putting a basket either in front or at the back of your bicycle costs a little but serves you immeasurably.

Where you have a drop handlebar which you can hunch over the shoulder, there may not be any need for a basket, but otherwise, you really require one for the easy haulage of sundry items.

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In adding a basket, go for one that is big enough to carry lots of things.

Thereafter, take your time to get accustomed to steering the bike when the basket is fully loaded.

2. By adding a rack.

A rear rack is possibly the best means of taking things around comfortably on a bike.

You can easily strap things to these racks directly or even buy foldable metal baskets that can be attached to these racks, in which you can keep such things as your purse, tote, backpack, grocery bags, and what have you.

3. Adding bungees and tie-downs.

Even when you have a rack or a basket or both, you will still be happy that you got a couple of bungees on the bike.

Where you do not wish, for whatever reasons, to use bungees, you still have the option of using tie-downs with old bike tubes which you may have handy.

Simply cut them in half, cut off the valve and tie knots.

That’s it.

4. Using your imagination.

Imagination is always a reliable ally in solving even the most intricate of human problems in life, right?

Here we are once again.

Outside all conventional options, use your imagination to see what other options may be at your disposal in carrying things on your bike safely and comfortably.

After all, with proper imagination, it is just very possible to carry a cow on a bicycle across a long distance, right?

So, use your imagination.

What are the qualities of a good pannier?

A good pannier is a very satisfactory means of carrying goods along on a bike ride,  without any inconvenience in your control and maneuverability.

The big question here is, ‘What are the qualities of a good pannier?’

Below we shall look at some of the best qualities for recommended panniers.

These are:

  • The best closing methods for panniers.
  • Materials suitable for pannier production.

1. The best closing methods for panniers.

Panniers have different closure styles such as using a zip, roller closures, and many others too.

A zip, for instance, may close well, but not fast enough.

Furthermore, with zip closure, it is simply difficult to carry long or oversized items.

For this, you may need bags with big flaps.

Popularly, roller closures are preferred, even on some very big panniers, since they prevent water from getting inside the pannier.

Side zippers may provide access to the main bag without having to open the flaps, which is desirable in cases where you want to quickly take out something.

2. Materials suitable for pannier production.

The materials used in producing panniers should, as a matter of necessity, be very durable.

To ensure this, these materials should therefore be thick.

Their thickness affects both their weight and flexibility.

For example, lightweight pannier materials are very suitable for long treks on hilly or bumpy terrains.

These materials should also be water-resistant and very flexible, just so you can keep your gear dry in every weather condition.

For just this reason, giant panniers are made of waterproof materials and also fitted with compression straps.

To make the very best possible choice of panniers for your bike, you may do well to consider all the qualities enumerated above.

See below our TOP 3 Picks Of Pannier You Should Consider Buying

 At this stage, it is imperative that we introduce to you products related to the topic of discussion whose qualities and distinction have been tested and found most worthy, despite the fierce competition from other similar products.

These are:

1. ROCKBROS Bike Pannier


  • This pannier is made with waterproof nylon material covered with TPU film for use on rainy days.
  • It has a large capacity and several side pockets for convenient storage.
  • Movable buckles are provided to allow for suitable positioning of the bag.
  • Has two round pads at the bottom to reduce friction and also protect the pannier.

2. Topeak MTX EXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Folding Panniers.


  • It has a water bottle holder, shoulder strap, bungee cords, and tail light holder.
  • The pannier is compatible with MTX quick Track Racks.
  • Has a large capacity for multiple storages.
  • Designed using refined materials for durability purposes.

3.Ibera Bicycle Bag PakRak


  • This pannier has a quick release or clip-on system for quick use.
  • Has several compartments for multiple storages.
  • With a three-point connection to secure it onto the bike.
  • All-weather rain cover included.
  • Carries up to twenty pounds of load for efficient storage.

Can You Put A Pannier Rack On A Road Bike? – Conclusion

There is a lot of convenience in using bicycles as against all other means of transportation, judging by the many features a standard bike has.

Some ways by which goods can be ferried on bikes include the use of carriers, racks, or panniers.

Though with racks, some categories of bikes may not be very compatible with them, you can improvise through other means in such cases.

The bottom line is that, whatever you do to enable you to carry a load on your bike, do not compromise your control of the bike, your visibility, or its stability.

For bikes that may not be suited for some means of carrying goods, pleases ensure that such advice is heeded.

Decide on what bike you buy depending on the purpose for which you intend to use them.

To ensure your safety as well as that of the goods you may carry, make sure that the brakes are properly maintained at all times.

This is another way of advising that the brakes are most important in preventing accidents that are likely to affect other road users or pedestrians too.

Where necessary, refer all repairs and maintenance to specialists for more permanent and reliable attention.

Should you take heed of these bits of advice, your benefits in biking would be most memorable.

Happy biking.

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