Chain Gets Stuck Between Cog And Chain Stay – HOW TO FIX


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Chain stuck between chainring and frame: The chain is the bike’s “engine,” transmitting power from the pedals to the gears in the back.

However, sometimes it gets stuck between both chainrings and frame. If you read through this blog post, you will see a guide on what causes this problem and how to fix it!

What is Chain Stuck Between Chainrings and Frame?

The chain links get stuck between both front chainrings or between front rings and the frame of a bike. This happens when the chainrings are not evenly spaced or when the chainrings have worn out.

This is a very common problem with dirt-cheap bikes since they are usually used for short-distance riding and the chains are normally adjusted by riders and repaired by themselves.

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Signs That Your Chain Is About To Get Stuck Between Cog And Chain Stay

  • The chain is easily able to shift from one side to another. 
  • The front chains ring gets stuck leaving no space for another chainring. 
  • The chain is too stiff to move freely from one side to another. 
  • The front chainring and frame get worn out.

How does Chain Stuck Between Chainrings and Frame Happen?

Here are the causes of chain stuck between front rings:

1. Wrongly Spaced Front Chain Rings: Some bikes have a large difference in the distance between the two chainrings, and this results in problems for you if you want to shift from one side to another.

When shifting from the big chainring to the small chainring or vice versa, the chain can get stuck.

2. Worn Out Front Chain Rings:  The bevels of a front chainring tend to wear out as you use your bike. This makes it difficult to shift gears as well as adjust the front derailleur.

The front rings also get worn out when they are not positioned right with the drive train, and this results in problems with your gears and chain.

3. Too Stiff Front Chain: The chain is the most important part of your bike. It maintains the speed of your bike and makes it possible for you to pick up the pace as well as handle bumps on the road.

When your chain is too stiff, it makes cycling difficult, and you may end up falling while trying to shift from one side to another.

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4. Wrongly Adjusted Front Derailleur:  If you have a bike with front-adjustable derailleurs, it is hard to tell when your chain gets stuck between the chainrings and frame. This can be an indication that you need to adjust your derailleur.

5. Incorrectly Adjusted Front Derailleur:  When you move the derailleur after adjusting it, it gets out of alignment again with the shift mechanism, and this causes problems for your gears.

6. Mechanical Failure:  When your chain stays between chainrings and frames for a long time, it may be because of some mechanical failure in your bike. You might have to get it repaired by a bike mechanic for this reason.

How to Fix Chain Stuck Between Chainrings and Frame?

Here are the instructions on how to fix chain stuck between front rings:

1. Adjust Front Derailleur: While riding, adjust the front derailleur so that you can shift from one side to another without any problems.

2. Adjust Chain: Adjust your chain so that it is not too tight or loose. Also, check if the chain is worn out. It’s also important to always use good chains like the SHIMANO Ultegra CN-6701 Chain on your bike!

3. Look for Signs of Mechanical Failure: If you think your bike has a problem with its front derailleur, get it checked by a mechanic so that you can save some money in repair costs and avoid any mechanical failure in your bike.

4. Get a New Bike: If the problem persists for longer than a week, and becomes chronic, you have to think of getting a new bike.

Chain stuck between chain-stay and sprocket cluster?

The chain gets stuck between chain-stay and sprocket cluster is a common occurrence. It could be the result of faulty gear shifting, bad derailleur adjustment, or wear and tear of chain and/or cogs.

This problem happens in cases where the distance between cogs is large and the size of the chainring is small.

If you find that your gear system fails to shift normally as it comes in contact with the frame, check out the below causes along with fixes for your problem.


First things first, you should check the following:

  • Make sure your chainrings are centered on the chainring spider and they have not come loose.
  • Make sure your rear derailleur is properly adjusted so that it drops in easily and holds a gear when you try to pedal.
  • Check that your brake levers are correctly adjusted, and make sure all parts of the bike are tight.
  • Check that the bolts holding your wheels to your frame are properly tightened.


1. Adjust your gears:  If your chain tends to get jammed between the cogs and gear stay when you are shifting, check and adjust your gears. This way you can ensure that it shifts without any problem.

2. Check for Loose Bolts or Rivets: Loose bolts or rivets could be a reason for faulty shifting of chain and this could lead to the problem of chain getting stuck between cogs and frame. You should check and repair all loose bolts or rivets.

3. Replace your chain: If you have a worn-out chain, your bike will not shift properly and this could result in jamming of chain between chainrings and frame or cogs. If that is the case, it’s time to get a new one. The SHIMANO Ultegra CN-6701 Chain is highly recommended!

4. Get professional help: If the issue persists after trying all of the above steps, it is best to get professional help. They will be able to tell you what is causing your problem and help you repair it properly.

Chain Gets Stuck Between Cog And Chain Stay – Conclusion

In this article, we discussed how to fix a chain that gets stuck between front chainrings and frames. We also pointed out the causes of the chain getting stuck between gears and frames as well as gear shifting issues.

We hope that you have been able to learn more about how to fix a chain that gets stuck between front rings and cogs. If you are still having trouble fixing it, don’t hesitate to drop a comment or visit your local bike shop.

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