5 Amazing Fabric Titanium Saddle To Buy In 2021


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Fabric makes one of the most amazing and most affordable saddles you would find.

They usually bind all their materials (the Flexible nylon base, the waterproof microfiber cover, and the rails) together without the use of glue or staplers, giving the result a neat, sleek, and smart outlook. 

Their Saddles are known for complete comfort and zero pressure, giving you the ability to go on long-distance, aerodynamic, or triathlon rides without having a feeling of numbness afterward.

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2. Fabric Scoop Flat Race SaddleBlackSEE ON AMAZON
3. Fabric Tri Flat Race SaddleBlack/Black, 134mmSEE ON AMAZON

Things To Consider Before Buying A Fabric Line Titanium Saddle – Buyers Guide

It will interest you to know that the Fabric Race Titanium Saddle exists in 3 types that are designed for three different riding situations.

  • The Line
  • The Scoop
  • The Tri

1. The Line

For relaxed Long-distance rides with pressure relief channels

2. The Scoop

For comfortable, more aggressive, and aerodynamic riding. 

3. The Tri

Made for Triathlon and time trial riding. 

Each of these types is available in three profiles, which are the Flat, Shallow, and Radius. 

  • The Flat Saddles are great for you if you want to ride low with less weight on the saddle.
  • The Shallow saddle fits all kinds of riding with its curved profile and low-density foam. It balances comfort and movement well. 
  • The Radius will work for you if you want to sit upright and enjoy a relaxed and comfortable ride. 

When you have taken these 3 types and profiles into consideration, and you know exactly what you want, choosing the right Race Saddle to buy would not pose a challenge. 

You should note that although Fabric does not have saddles that are specially designed for mountain biking, road cycling, or commuting, research has proven that Radius is best for commuting, Flat works well with Road cycling and Shallow does all the mountain rides perfectly. 

5 Amazing Fabric Titanium Saddle – Reviews

There are a lot of Fabric Race Saddles you can easily get taking into consideration the ideas above, but we will expound on just five in this article.

Let’s dive in!

1. Fabric Saddle Line Race Shallow Titanium


The Fabric Line Race Shallow Saddle is a great choice saddle for you especially if you are on a long but comfortable ride.

Its comfortable design and sleek outlook make it a happy choice for a lot of leisure bikers.

It has a beautifully neat design which is made possible by its single-piece waterproof microfiber padding bonded to the Flexible nylon base, giving it this lovely shape that would sit perfectly pretty on any style of bike.

Anyone encountering it for the first time will agree that this saddle is both smart and sleek. 

You will find the Line Race Shallow in either all black or black with white version and the Team version which is an all-black design, too, although this one comes with a blacked-out Fabric logo on the top of the saddle and the small Fabric logo designed it white.

The fact that you can get this one model in 3 various color styles makes it even more exciting. 


The Fabric Line Race Shallow Saddle has eye catchy features that give you a good conviction that it is the saddle for you.

It gives you the ability to make more exploration, firstly because you’re getting a 239g lightweight saddle with titanium rail for a price you wouldn’t get another saddle with the same feature. 

Its waterproof cover makes it not only very comfy with the softer foam but is also designed to reduce pressure on your pudendal artery.

The waterproof bonded cover also makes it easier to clean giving it smoother lines and longer durability.

It is designed “shallow” as a saddle for you if you are not going to engage in the kind of ride where you put your back out for a serious ride.

This design is made possible through a medium level of padding and a more rounded rear area.

It has a length of 282mm and a width of 142mm, giving people with wider sitting bones the opportunity to also enjoy full comfort while riding. Its mid-rail to saddle topper measures 49mm.

Let me not fail to mention that, unlike the traditional hard and stretched cover, the Line Race Shallow Saddle is designed in a three-piece bonded way that has a pressure relief system.

You need not worry about numbness after riding anymore. 


  • It has a Smoother feel and a more comfortable ride.
  • Its size provides comfort for everyone.


  • Inefficient for serious rides.

2. Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle


Perhaps you need a saddle for a performance ride: something you can get for an affordable price with maximum comfort plan, lightweight titanium rail, no numbness after a ride, easy cleaning, and long durability, the Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle is the one for you.

Just like the Line Race Shallow Saddle, the  Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle is designed to see that you have the most comfortable riding experience.

This one, however, is designed with a single piece but a full-length pad with a pressure reduction technology that gives support to the sit bones through its lightweight foam padding and a central relief channel. 

It is a perfect choice for you if you like a firm ride with maximum comfort from a narrow and race-oriented saddle.

Its super lightweight titanium design gives it an edge over other saddle brands, plus, it sells for a ridiculously cheap price for its features. 

Its waterproof base makes for it’s Smoother, more comfortable, and more durable experience. 

Research has it that being under pressure for a long time causes discomfort and numbness.

With the Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle, numbness and discomfort make no cause for worry at all.


The Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle is not a popular sought after saddle for just nothing.

Some features endear it to many.

Let’s consider them. 

The Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle is available in many colors.

Having your saddle in your favorite color makes it look customized for you and brings it closer to your heart.

Its super lightweight titanium rail makes riding more desirable with its beautifully sleek design that fits perfectly well on just about any bike design. 

A waterproof microfiber cover is neatly bound to a lightweight PU without the use of staples or glue.

You can only achieve this level of detailed perfection with Fabric saddles- no rough edges.

All smooth, smart, and sleek. Its 270mm length and 134mm width accommodates all sit bones sizes with optimum comfort.

Its weight is 237g. 

Designed with nylon, Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle, is made for total comfort, zero pressure and numbness, longer durability, and easy cleaning.

This saddle is proven to have withstood winter abuses and other harsh weather.

Enjoy your long, hard rides with it with a full assurance that at the end of the ride your body will still be in good shape; basing your trust in the pressure relief channel technology the Fabric Line S Race Team Flat Saddle is made of.


  • It Fits any bike style
  • It has a pressure relief channel


  • It is not suitable for aggressive riding.

3. Fabric Scoop Race Shallow Titanium Saddle


The Fabric Scoop Titanium Saddle has for a few years been in active usage and has gotten honorable reviews from all over the world, thanks to its properly created, non-slip surface, comfortable Saddle, and shock-absorbing titanium rails. 

Made to suit everyone, it exists in three different styles bearing a variety of curvature profiles and padding levels.

One of which is the Shallow build which will be your choice if you are engaging in a less aggressive ride. It weighs 254g

On the Fabric logo that runs through the length of the saddles is the grippy, non-slide surface of the saddle.

Its cover sits on the top of a harder but flexible base and is bonded in a way that it curves over the top of the harder base in a way that won’t let your leg come in contact with the saddle during rides.

The Fabric Scoop Race Shallow is ‘Shallow’ because it is made for people whose rides are mostly done in the hoods and for endurance rides.

The level of comfort, design, and value it provides at its selling price is very impressive. 


The first and best feature of the Fabric Scoop Shallow Race is its titanium rail which comes together with a lightweight and shock absorber.

A study has it that the lighter the weight of a saddle, the comfier it is bound to be. 

It also possesses the grippy non-slide surface feature.

This surface helps you sit still through slopes, potholes, and whatever bad road condition there is.

If you have to change your sitting position, you would first stand up before doing that.

You can’t easily slide on the saddle as with other saddles.

This keeps you in one position through long-distance rides, letting you balance properly.

Its base is made of flexible nylon and covered with a super soft vacuum-bonded microfiber top.

This gives it a slim, waterproof outlook that can stand the test of harsh weather and very durable. It also makes for easy cleaning. 

Its three-piece padded style gives it the topmost comfort you need, canceling out pressure during ride and numbness after ride.

It is 254g in weight, 282mm in length, and 142mm in width.

Designed with Fabric’s near perfection and sold for a price ridiculously cheaper than the price of any saddle with the same feature.


  • It is designed with a non-slide surface that helps you sit still through rides.


  • It’s ‘Shallow’ design makes it inefficient for aggressive rides.

4. Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle


The Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle is just one of the three Fabric Scoop Race Saddles there are, possessing its curvature profile and the three-piece padding style. 

The Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle, just like every other Scoop is designed to give you unwavering comfort during rides.

Made in the smart and sleek design Fabric is known for, it sits ready for you if you’re set to go on an amazingly aggressive ride. 

It is designed using three-piece padding that supports the titanium rail design to give it the very lightweight it has.

It weighs lighter than any other Scoop design and will sit real pretty on just about any bike style.

Its simple design removes the use of excess material, staple, and glue as Fabric binds the cover base and the rails together, giving it a more comfortable and smoother feel.

This process also helps reduce weight and increase durability. 

It is available in two colors- Black and White- which allows it to easily blend in with your bike’s theme.

Each of the colors has the Fabric logo imprinted on it, giving your bike a cool look. 


The Fabric Scoop Flat Race Saddle possesses the same feature as the Shallow and the Radius Scoop.

Although, it is made for aerodynamic rides, unlike the Shallow which is made for less aggressive riders, and Radius is designed to be rounder with more padding to fit for an upright position while riding.

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It also weighs lighter than both the Shallow and the Radius. 

It is made with a flexible nylon base that is covered with a soft top, vacuum-bonded microfiber that gives it that slim and waterproof look, making it easier to clean, maintain, and lengthens its durability.

The microfiber gives it a grip and allows you to move easily on the Saddle. 

Its hollow titanium rails give it this comfortable feel that still allows for a very engaging position and a high-performance twist.

With it, you do not need to worry about getting pressurized during the ride or feeling numb after the ride. It eliminates the duo. 

It is very affordable, selling cheaper than saddles with the same features from other brands.

It weighs just 238g, with its 142mm width.

Its waterproof cover makes for easier cleaning. With just a wipe get your saddle looking all brand new.

You can get it in either white or black with a subtly imprinted Fabric logo on it. 


  • Easy to clean.
  • Super lightweight.


  • Does not come with a non-slide surface.

5. Fabric Tri Flat Race Saddle


All the saddles made by Fabric are designed to total comfort and perfection.

However, each of them is made to suit their unique purpose.

The Fabric Tri Flat Race Saddle comes in very handy when you need a saddle that is fit for the rigorous and grueling demands of the triathletes and the time trialists.

This is a saddle that would work as hard as you do and you would not need to fear a breakdown. 

It has a central pressure relief channel that eliminates pressure through those tough periods of riding.

Additionally, you would not feel numb after riding.

It also has an attached bottle mount on it. It is shorter in length than most saddles, designed that way to give you maximum comfort along with great performance. 

Designed with a lightweight titanium rail for a total lightweight, flexible nylon base with microfiber waterproof cover which allows for more comfort, sleeker look, and smarter performance. 


The Fabric Tri Flat Race Saddle is designed exclusively to meet the high demands of Triathletes and Time trialists. 

It is 240mm Long, 134mm wide, and weighs 232g, giving balance and comfort with zero pressure to every user.

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It has a unique three-part construction that removes the compression and tension that you will usually have using every day hard and stretched cover saddle. 

The Flexible nylon base is bonded with a waterproof microfiber cover a softer foam and a 7mm titanium rail, giving it the beautifully neat look that is a top feature of the Fabric saddles and ensuring you enjoy long-lasting comfort, zero pressure, zero numbness, high performance, easy cleaning and lengthened durability.

The Tri Saddle won’t fail you. 

It is 42mm shorter than the Fabric Scoop and takes up more aggressive rides than the Scoop can.

The single-piece split, fully padded design has a central pressure relief channel that runs through the saddle to keep you fit through endurance rides. 

Attached to it is a removable nylon bottle mount that makes provision for you to keep a bottle of water and stay hydrated while riding.

Also attached at the base is a  bike hook that helps you keep your bike secured in transition zones. 

The Fabric Tri Flat Race Saddle sits pretty on just any kind of bike and will provide the same level of comfort to anyone riding it. 


  • Designed strong and firm for rigorous rides.
  • Attached bottle mount.


  • Its Shorter saddle may not fit well for people with a longer undercarriage.

How To Maintain A Fabric Titanium Saddle

The Fabric Titanium Saddle is not difficult to maintain, thanks to its materials of production.

The Flexible nylon base and the waterproof microfiber cover of the Fabric Titanium Saddle makes it super easy to clean and maintain.

It also makes it more durable. 

It is advisable to clean the saddle tops and sides after every ride and to regularly unfit the Saddle to clean underneath and the rails to preserve its life span and durability. 

Since the Fabric Titanium Saddle is made with nylon, you do not need any serious washing to get it clean.

Just scrub gently with a cloth you have damped in cold water. Leave it to air dry. You can also apply a waterproofing agent for extra protection. 

How Does A Fabric Line Titanium Saddle Help Riding Position?

The Fabric Line is designed with a central pressure relief channel that eliminates pressure and numbness through long rides.

Whatever Riding position you’re on, the Fabric Line gives you a relaxed feel through the endurance ride, and at the end of the ride, you won’t feel any kind of numbness. 

It is also great for hood riding.

Riding on it will keep you fit and comfortable through potholes, steeps, and descents.

Should I Buy A Line Or A Scoop Saddle?

The fabric produces five types of saddle: ALM, Line, Scoop, Cell, and Tri. The Line and the Scoop seem to be the most popular,  even though the Fabric Titanium Saddle is available in the Line, Scoop and Tri. 

Are you wondering if you should get a Fabric Line Race Saddle or Fabric Scoop Race Saddle?

The Line and the Scoop perform different functions:

The Fabric Line

The Fabric Line Saddle is made to take you through long but more relaxed endurance rides while you enjoy maximum comfort.

One of the most impressive features of the Line is its central pressure relief channel.

This channel makes sure you are relaxed while taking your ride.

It exists in three profiles: Flat, Shallow, and Radius and is mostly available in the Elite and Race Saddles. 

Fabric Scoop Saddle

The Fabric Scoop Saddle is comfortable for all kinds of rides.

It makes for firm rides and is not eligible for long-distance riding.

However, it is comfortable and durable for more aggressive and aerodynamic riding.

Like the Line, it also has its Flat, Shallow, and Radius. 

The Line Or The Scoop?

You should ride a Fabric Line if you engage in long-distance endurance rides and mostly in the hoods.

The central pressure relief channel keeps you comfortable through potholes, steeps, and descents. 

But you should opt for the Fabric Scoop if you are on a more aggressive, aerodynamic riding.

Its firm Saddle keeps you firm and in place while racing.

5 Amazing Fabric Titanium Saddle  – Conclusion

The fabric produces the best saddles; whether it is Race or Elite or Pro or Ultimate.

They have been in the saddle industry for a good number of years and have not for once disappointed with their products.

Rather, the new and upgraded ones tend to serve you so much better than the previous and old. 

Getting a Fabric Titanium Saddle will not only save you a good percentage of the purchase money, but it will also save you the money you would need in purchasing pain relief medication or the money you would need to hire the service of a masseur.

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