Is Chain Or Cable Harder To Cut?


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The question of whether chain or cable is harder to cut has been debated for generations. The cutting edge on the cable, when sharpened properly, is more similar to a chainsaw than a knife.

In this article, we will explore the types of cables and chains, what they are used for, and ultimately which one is harder to cut.

We will also examine how people are cutting them and coming up with their own conclusions that may be different than what you were expecting.


There are many types of cable that can be used for bondage. They are best known as being metallic and large enough to bind something down.

The larger the cable, the more flexible it becomes, as many smaller strands make up each rope. However, sometimes the cable is made with one or two very heavy gauge wires that do not flex as much but are very strong.

Twisted strands of metal wire are very effective as well because they can be small and agile. A pair of bolt cutters, chain, or cable that is made up of only one strand is unimaginably hard to cut through.

They usually require sharpened bolt cutters rather than using a hacksaw since the metal strands are much thinner than a chain link.

Cutting with a knife will almost always ruin the blade, however, it can be done if you have enough strength to add pressure to the point for any length of time.

The most common type of cable that is used for bondage is a flexible metal wire that has multiple strands.

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They are most often used for heavy-duty use but can be bought in different thicknesses and colors as well.

Cables are also known by the name of zip ties and have been used all over America to wrap up things for quite some time.

Although the plastic zip ties are just as easy to cut with a knife, the metal ones require much more strength.

Most of the zip ties that are used for bondage were originally used for industrial purposes. They are made up of very small and thick metal wires that are twisted together to form a sort of chain-like product.

The wire is usually coated in plastic, however, once this wears off, the metal wire will break off easily.

Cable ties can be bought in wood color, or with patterns. In addition to using them as zip ties, they are also known as key chains, clip straps, and more. They are usually sold in bulk for DIY uses.


In addition to the metal wires, there is another type of cable that does not require much strength to cut through.

This type of cable has a soft coating that makes it safe for use with knives, however, it does not offer as much grip for cutting as the other cables will. It is best known as being used to hold things down with some sort of rope around them.

The cables that are used to tie downpipes, for example, are much easier to cut than the other types of cables.

This is because it is best known as being soft and pliable, making it easy for a knife to go through it. Other times this shielding will be used in place of a chain-link fence.

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Shielding can be purchased in large rolls, or in small squares that are usually pre-cut to the sizes that you require.

It can be bought in various thicknesses, but the thinnest ones are usually the most flexible.


A chain is very hard to cut through with a knife and takes a lot more strength than other types of cables.

They are made up of many small links, which when put together have tremendous strength. This type of cable is used for heavy-duty uses such as holding large things down or securing items that are very large.

The links are made up of a multitude of different metals, such as iron, steel, brass, and more. A chain link is usually round with an open center so that someone can slip their hand through it. Yet they are still very strong when handled right.

A common type of chain that is used as bondage is the dog chain. This metal wire has the most links and is the toughest to cut through because it has so many small links. It also comes in a variety of sizes, each being larger than the last one.

A dog chain can be bought in bulk for DIY uses, but it is also a common type of chain that you can buy for regular uses as well.

If you want to be able to cut the links of a chain without ruining the whole thing, then this is not the type of cable that you are looking for.

This is one of the many varieties of heavy-duty chains that have been used since before the United States was formed.

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It was originally used for moving materials from place to place, however, it is also commonly used as a heavy-duty chain for bondage.

Chain link fences are best known as being used in the construction business. They are very popular because they were made to be fairly easy to install and can be moved easily by hand.

They are also known for being strong enough to stop vehicles from passing through and for locking down tools that need extra protection.

The links of a chain can be dug into the ground or tied down to a pole to create a fence that will hold nearly anything down.

It is very effective because it has numerous links that can grab on to something if it is wrapped around it.

They are also easy to cut through with basic tools, such as garden shears, bolt cutters, and more.

Is Chain Or Cable Harder To Cut – Conclusion

Cables can be bought in many different sizes to fit whatever project you are working on. They are most often used for heavy-duty uses, but they can also be used for other things too.

As long as you have access to the proper tools, then you will be able to cut them down into smaller pieces with ease.

A chain is very hard to cut through with a knife and takes a lot more strength than other types of cables.

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