How Much Should I Spend On Bike Tires?

How Much Should I Spend On Bike Tires

How Much Should I Spend on Bike Tires? The answer to this question is $50-$100 Riding a bike is one of the most fun, inexpensive, and healthy ways to get around. Whether you live in an urban city or a suburban neighborhood, there are numerous benefits to cycling. However, those benefits will be irreversibly diminished … Read more

Why Are Wheelsets So Expensive? Here Is Why!

Why are wheelsets so expensive

The demand for wheelsets is so high, they have become a status symbol. Just like the cost of designer clothes goes up as it becomes more popular, so too do the prices on these items. There are many different types of wheelsets with all kinds of features, which can also make them much more expensive … Read more

Is Chain Or Cable Harder To Cut?

Is chain or cable harder to cut?

The question of whether chain or cable is harder to cut has been debated for generations. The cutting edge on the cable, when sharpened properly, is more similar to a chainsaw than a knife. In this article, we will explore the types of cables and chains, what they are used for, and ultimately which one … Read more