Perfect Bike In 2020: Our Buyer’s Guide To Which Bicycle Type To Buy


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Lists Of Bicycle Types To Buy /How to Pick the Best Bike for You: Are you an existing cyclist or a fresh beginner? Are you frustrated by your current bicycle or wish to try some new bike products out there? Are you confused about what type of bicycle to buy in 2020?

Are you getting set for your next adventurous ride, commute ride, or want to explore the countryside, read on let me show you some of the best and perfect bicycles you may consider buying in 2020 from my buyer’s guide.

In this article, I will be listing the perfect mountain bike and road bike, it types, the pros and con of each. Because in every product there is always the good and bad side of it no matter how good they seem to be. But what matters most is when the pros are higher than the cons.

It would be a long read article but believe me; it’s going to worth it.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bike for your mountain or road tours, it could be a massive challenge as no one would want to get stuck or disappointed on the road. It does not just spoil the fun; it ruins every plan for that trip.

Before I delve in fully to this article, I would love to ask and answer these questions below;

Even while I answer them, I would love you to think about them before choosing the perfect bicycle to buy in 2020.

  • When you buy your new bicycle, where do you have in mind to ride it?
  • What type of bicycle do you own before, did you enjoy it or regretted buying it?
  • Your current bicycle are you really enjoying it?
  • Do you have plans going for that circling with someone?
  • What type of bicycle do you enjoy riding?

When you buy your new bicycle, where do you have in mind to ride it?

Ask yourself these questions before proceeding to hit that “add. To cart” and “buy now button”.

Where you wish to ride your new bicycle goes a long way in deciding what type of bike to buy and also it will go along way to save you cost. If the place you choose to be riding your bicycle won’t require a hard or durable bike, then it is advised you go for cost-friendly bike products.

What type of bicycle do you own before, did you enjoy it or regretted buying it?

Before you consider getting a new bicycle, ask yourself if you were satisfied with your last bike product or your current bike. If the answer is yes, then there is no need for considering a new one. But if the experience with your last bike product was a hell experience, then it’s highly recommended to check out new bike products to enable you to get that perfect cycling experience.

Your current bicycle are you really enjoying it?

You need to tell yourself the truth if indeed you are enjoying your current bicycle or it’s giving you a hell lot of challenges. There is no way you can ever enjoy that road trip with a bike that is giving you different problems. If you are not enjoying it, then there is every need to consider getting another one.

Do you have plans going for that circling with someone?

If you have intentions of going for that hiking or countryside cruise with a friend or a relative, it’s essential to know what kind of bike he/she has and also the type of bike you have. The reason has been that your bicycle may be way better than their own or vice versa. In situations like this, it’s either the poor quality of their bike to yours that would disrupt your trip and vice versa.

If their bike is better than yours, it’s advised you get a good bike to complement theirs, and if yours is better than theirs, it is recommended they get a bitter one to equally compliment yours as this would give your team an excellent biking experience.

What type of bicycle do you enjoy riding?

Before checking out my bike buyers guide for 2020, try to see if your favorite bike was listed in this article. Perfect bicycle differs from an ideal bike rider.

A perfect bike rider can always find their way in operating and driving all kinds of bike, but a novice needs an ideal bike to get that desiring biking experience.

Having answered all the above questions, Now its time to list and explain some of these bikes.

Do you ride in the urban area, are you a gravel road rider, are you trail center rider, are you a fixed-wheel rider, whatever rider you are, there must be a perfect bike out there for you buy and I believe you would find that choice in my buyers guide. Read on.

20 Best Bikes: Our Buyer’s Guide To Which Bicycle Types To Buy In 2020

1. Cyclocross Bikes

Cyclocross Bikes

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Cyclocross bikes which are also known as CX Bike or CXB, are amazing bicycles suitable for rough road racing. A cyclocross bicycle is similar in weight with the regular road bike; mudguards is not a problem for the cyclocross bikes. With a slight low gearing, you would have the same riding balancing just like it’s on the usual road bikes.

For people who are new into cycling or beginners, the cyclocross bike is highly recommended. When riding with the cyclocross bicycle, everything seems possible because of the lightweight aluminum with carbon built condition that allows riders to survive in every situation.

Pros Of Cyclocross Bikes

  • Large Tires: The CX Bike or CXB has large tires. The stock tire size for the cyclocross bike is 35c, but the rider may choose to buy a bit slimmer 28/32 tires for replacement.
  • Brakes: When it comes to brakes, the cyclocross bike is a perfect choice. You are provided with a Saracen Hack 1, that comes with a rotor 160mm brake disc. Putting a stop to the moving bike with this kind of brake is far better than than the clipper brake pads.

Cons Of Cyclocross Bikes

  • Weight: The cyclocross bike weighs heavy because of the 35c large tires. It is entirely more cumbersome when compared with any road bike.

If you are loaded with extra cash ($), then I would recommend the cyclocross bicycle.

2. Road Bikes

Road Bikes

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The road bikes are best for riding fast on tarmac. Just as the name implies, road bike could be said to be any bicycle on the road. But in this article, I’m referring to bikes that can be driven in urban roads, smooth roads, and areas free from gravels.

Road bikes are mostly lite and have very slim tires. This makes it impossible for cyclers to carry items with them. If you need a bike for just regular morning exercise and live in the mainland, the road bike is the best and recommended choice.

Pros Of Road Bikes

  • Quick: The road bikes have a fantastic speed. They run so quick
  • Efficient: The road bike gives you achieving, and maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
  • Fun: You have all the fun you need with a road bike as it’s easy to pedal and gives less stress.

Cons Of Road Bikes

  • Spoils quickly: The Road bike is flexible and gets damaged easily
  • Uncomfortable: To some heavy-duty bike riders, they find the road bikes so uncomfortable.

3. Touring Bikes

Touring Bikes

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The Touring bicycles can be said to be a different type of road bike which I just explained above. The Touring bike is made specially to run on pavement.

It’s very lasting if used on long-distance riding. The touring bikes have a stock mounting bolt that supports the conveying of fenders and racks. The handlebar on the touring bike gives the rider a relaxed riding experience. It has a lower gear not to be compared with the regular road bike that allows it to convey heavy packings.

Pros Of Touring Bikes

  • Suitable for bike packing: The touring bike can carry heavy loads during rides

Cons Of Touring Bikes

  • Slow: The turning bike is delayed because of its ability to carry heavy loads. It’s not recommended for a race.

4. Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes

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When you hear the name mountain, you should get the message already. The mountain bikes are specially made for rough hill rides. Used for touring rugged roads, hills, and gravels. The mountain bikes have fantastic brakes like motorcycle disc pads.

Pros Of Mountain Bikes

  • Great brakes: The mountain bikes are known to have fantastic brakes like that of a motorcycle pads
  • The mountain bikes support an upright position for riders.
  • Robust: It’s tough, but worth it.

Cons Of Mountain Bikes

  • Very Heavy: The mountain bikes are so heavy due to the large thick tires
  • Slow on the tarmac: When riding the mountain bikes on the tarmac, the experience is frustrating.

5. Adventure Road Bikes

Adventure road bikes

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If you could still recall what I said about the cyclocross bike that they are amazing bicycles suitable for rough road racing just that the adventure road bicycle has a longer frame handmade upright when compared to the cyclocross bike.

Pros of Adventure Road Bikes

  • Relaxed geometry
  • Smoothing-out “suspension” frames

Cons of Adventure Road Bikes

  • Saddles
  • Brakes:
  • Fatter tires
  • Gears

6. Hybrid Bike

hybrid bicycle

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Hybrid bicycles are best when it comes to casual riders and short commutes.  For a comfortable long-distance ride, the hybrid bike is a highly recommended one for that purpose. You can drive on paved roads with a hybrid bicycle.

The brakes on the hybrid bike are fantastic, and they give that excellent performance both in summer and winter.

Pros Of Hybrid Bikes

  • Fairly quick: The hybrid bikes are swift when used for touring or regular rides.
  • Versatile: The hybrid bicycle is so versatile.
  • Upright: It’s comfortable for riders

Cons Of Hybrid Bikes

  • The hybrid bikes are usually weighed heavily when compared to a normal road bike and because of this, it’s not often fast.

7. Track/Fixed-Gear Bikes

Track/Fixed-Gear Bikes

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If you are looking out for a very simple bicycle, then the track/fixed-gear bike is what you should go for.

Track/fixed-gear bikes are usually used for race and completions. It comes with a simple design and easy to maintain. The track/fixed-gear bike is made up of a single gear and does provide the ability to coast.

Pros Of Track/Fixed-Gear Bikes

  • When it comes to being lite, the track/fixed-gear bike is a king.
  • When it comes to simplicity, the track/fixed-gear bike is what to run to
  • When it comes to speed, the track/fixed-gear bike is what to run to because it’s swift and has a fantastic pace.

Cons Of Track/Fixed-Gear Bikes

  • Particular skill: To ride on the track/fixed-gear bicycle, you need to have an idea and ability else get ready for an unprepared clash.
  • Difficulty to climb a hill

8. Fitness Bikes

Fitness Bikes

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This bike has most of the pros of a regular road bike, and it has a lightweight built frame,  the tires are very slim, has a flat upright handlebar. Some fitness bikes out there can use wider tires when tested on them, and this makes it perfect to drive on unpaved roads.

Not forgetting, the fitness bike can mount fender and cargo racks. This makes it a fantastic bike for commuters.

Pros Of Fitness Bikes

  • Fitness bikes are lightweight bikes
  • Ability to mount cargo and fenders

Cons Of Fitness Bikes

  • Has slim tires
  • Unbalanced and can’t be used for hill climbing

9. City Bike

City bike

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City bicycles are so good for hassle-free riding experience. Also, note that this is not a special kind of bike or whatsoever. The city bike could be any of these bikes mentioned in this article as any of them can be a ride in the city. When you refer to a city bike as a commuter bike, you may not be wrong after all

A city bike has a chain guard, fenders, and skirt guard on its rare wheel. Some city bikes come with a stock geared rear hub to enable swift maintenance and use. It also comes with a built-in light generator that commuters can use to access light while riding in the dark.

Pros Of City Bikes

  • Looks are amazing: City bikes have this fantastic and super great looks
  • The relaxed riding position,
  • Ideal for wearing regular clothes
  • normally very durable

Cons Of City Bikes

  • City bikes are usually heavy and slow in movement

10. Adult Bikes

Adult Bikes

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These bikes are best for aged persons. Adult bicycles are best for older people who still want to exercise their bones and tour around the neighborhood

Pros Of Adult Bikes

  • Helps the ancient get relief on weak bones
  • Durable

Cons Of Adult Bikes

  • Expensive
  • Low demand
  • Not fancy enough

11. Electric Bike

Electric bike

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If you want support to climb those hills, the electric bike is best for you. Do you need a bike that does a similar job with a motorcycle or a car? Wish to get to work or climb a hill in a jiffy, the integrated electric gear made this bike an amazing one for riders.

The Electric bike plays a significant role too when the rider is not fit enough to pedal the bike. An electric bike is also known as e-MTBs (e-bikes).

Pros Of Electric bike

  • Very easy to operate: The electric bike is effortless to drive due to the electronic/remote controls
  • Comfortable: The electric bike is very convenient to ride there is no much stress-inducing it
  • Fun: It’s a whole lot of fun driving the electric bike. Give it a try today and testify to this.

Cons Of Electric Bike

  • Very expensive
  • Needs Constant recharging

12. Folding Bikes

Folding bikes

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The folding bicycle is always best if you wish to have that compatible bike with you. It can be easily foldable into the same size. This is also helpful when you want to board a public transport ar convey the bike with you in your private vehicle.

Pros Of Folding Bikes

  • Small in size: Most of the foldable bikes are more modest in format. This is why most people prefer it
  • Convenient: The foldable bikes are easy to carry around, especially when boarding public transport with it. One can easily fold them into small parts

Cons Of Folding Bikes

  • Weighs heavy: The foldable bikes are usually heavy due to the solid materials used for construction. This also makes it slow to some extent

13. Tandem Bikes

Tandem Bikes

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Looking for a bike that is specially designed for more than one person? (Two persons in particular) Tandem bicycles are the best choice to go for.

They look outstanding because of the different designs and colors they come in. Some of the styles include hybrid tandems, cruiser tandems, hight-performance road racing tandems, and off-road mountain bike tandems.

Pros Of Tandem Bikes

  • Double fun: With the two-seater carrier, two persons can have fun at the same time. This kind of bike can be said to be a perfect choice for couples.
  • The best option for travel: The tandem bike is best for trips.
  • Fast: The tandem bikes are known to be a high-speed bike
  • Gives room for teamwork: More tasks can be archived with the tandem bicycle because of the two-seat and pedal which allows two persons at a time to drive it.
  • Best way to get closer: With the tandem bike, couples and items are bonds to get closer because of the two-seater feature.
  • Available for everyone: Everyone can enjoy the tandem bike because it gives room to share.

Cons Of Tandem Bikes

  • Particular skill: Even as a pro cyclist, you need to relearn how to ride on the tandem bikes
  • No solitude: The tandem bike doesn’t give you the self-isolation privilege because you always need a second party to ride the tandem bike.

14. Kids’ Bikes

Kids’ bikes

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Just as the name implies, the kid’s bikes are best for kids. That special kid you think will make a good cyclist; these are the kind of bike specially made for them.

Pros Of Kids Bikes

  • Helps to exercise their muscles
  • Helps them to relieve stress
  • Strengthens emotional wellness
  • Keeps the kids active

Cons Of Kids Bikes

  • Exposes them to accident

15. Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent Bikes

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The seat of the recumbent bikes are long and have a low design full-size seat with backrest support. These bikes are available in 3 wheel designs some in 2 wheel designs.

Riders of the recumbent bikes alleged that it is the most comfortable kind of bike available for passengers. They are big, tough, and dense. This also makes it a challenge to carry around from one place to another.

Pros Of Recumbent Bikes

  • The recumbent bikes have complete back support during a low or high impact workout
  • It gives little stress on the riders joint

Cons Of Recumbent Bikes

  • Expensive: The recumbent bikes are naturally costly than the regular bikes you know
  • Has weight: The recumbent bikes are cumbersome. They are heavier than that of a diamond shape bikes. The seats are bulky.

16. BMX Bikes

BMX Bikes

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If you call the BMX bike a bike for both kids and adults, you are not wrong because both kids and adults can use the BMX bike. They are generally small in size and comes in different styles.

Pros Of BMX Bikes

  • Multi-users: Both adults and kids can use the BMX Bikes
  • Fun: The BMX bikes are entertaining to ride because of various styles of trick and stunt riding.
  • They are lightweight and easily transportable.
  • Inexpensive.

Cons Of BMX Bikes

  • The BMX bikes are not suitable if you are a long commuter or riding to work
  • If you are into saddle ridding, the BMX bike is for you.

17. Dual-Sport Bikes

Dual-Sport Bikes

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This is a bike that falls under the category of hybrid bicycles. If you want that hybrid bike riding experience, the Dual-Sport Bikes is the right choice. Though the Dual-Sports Bike has a flat or upright handlebar, they are as regular as that of the hybrid bikes. Dual-sport bikes are perfect bike choice for commuters; it is also fantastic when touring on unpaved roads.

Pros Of Dual-Sport Bikes

  • One of the major pros of the dual-sports bikes is it is lightweight and agility off-road.
  • The Dual Sport bikes are also designed for that excellent off-road lasting ride.
  • Dual-sports bikes easily get spoilt when it crashes but very easy to pick up because of how light they are.

Cons Of Dual-Sport Bikes

  • One of the major cons of the Dual Sportbike is the highway speed. This is because there is no windscreen to protect the rider from wind and specks of dust.

18. Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

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These are road bicycles that have a unique built and design that maximizes its aerodynamic properties. The Triathlon/time trial bikes allow you to take a low position with bent knees while riding to minimize the wind opposition against your body. The Triathlon/time trial bikes are not allowed to be used in mass-start races.

Pros Of Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

  • You have the option to gather data during racing.
  • It gives a realistic race simulation
  • Helps in a mental strength test

Cons Of Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes

  • The Triathlon/time trial bikes are not allowed to be used in mass-start races.

19. Flat-Foot Comfort Bikes

Flat-Foot Comfort Bikes

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Flat-Foot Comfort Bicycles have an elongated frame design which helps to push the pedal close to the seat. They are listed under the sub-category of cruiser bikes.

Pros Of Flat-Foot Comfort Bikes

  • They are fun to ride
  • Easy to pedal

Cons Of Flat-Foot Comfort Bikes

  • Expensive

20. Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser Bikes

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This is another bike which is similar to the hybrid bikes. They are uniquely designed for casual riding. They have a very comfortable seat. The Cruisers bikes have wide balloon tires and are upright.

Pros Of Cruiser Bikes

  • The cruiser bikes have slower acceleration.
  • Has audio and accessories
  • A lot of comforts
  • Friendly bike for beginners
  • They are very stylish bikes

Cons Of Cruiser Bikes

  • The cruiser bikes are usually heavy
  • They have wider tires

Wrapping UP On The Best Bike To Buy In 2020

Before buying a bicycle, it’s important to have in your mind where to ride it, who to take along with you, and host of other things which this article has done justice to. So the next time you are planning to purchase a bicycle for your next adventurous ride, don’t forget to refer to this guide for recommendations.

I hope you’ve learned one or two things from this post on the best bicycle type to buy in 2020? If so, kindly do us a favor by clicking on any of the SHARE buttons located below. Also, if you have any question regarding this post, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below

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