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Best cameras for cyclists: Memories are better relieved when there are visual attachments to them, and thanks to the advent of cameras we can now have visual footage of events or happenings that had a significant impact on our lives.

I for one have an old tape of when I first mounted a bicycle as a child, and every now and then, I put it up for some laughs because it was actually very funny seeing me stumbling around as I tried to pedal forward.

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Some of us had this experience as well, but when told to narrate it, your experience or recount memory might be a little foggy, not because of anything serious, but because it has been a while since the event occurred.

Cameras are important in our everyday life, and so much so for a sports person, whether pro or not.

A cyclist who tends to record his or her cycling experience will only improve over time due to physical changes he or she can make amends to.

Here are some of the benefits of having a camera while cycling.

Benefits of a cyclist having a camera

1. Captures unexpected moments

Certain events happen while cycling that make you wish you had a camera on.  Such events can happen in a flash, such as a deer causing a melee during a cycling event, or a cyclist being chased by an angry duck – and without your camera on, you can only remember the fragments of those incidents when trying to relive the moment, and in the process deny you loved ones and the world at large the fun they would have felt it was uploaded on YouTube or other social media platforms.

2. For security reasons

Having a camera on your person will always help you with the necessary evidence whenever it might be required.

These cameras are usually very potable, and their color can easily blend with your bike without anyone knowing.

This disguise can be useful in providing you with video evidence of anything that might happen out of the ordinary. It can also provide you with evidence in cases of accidents or insurance claims. 

3. Serves as a form of protection

Miscreants who might want to act as bullies will know better than to mess with someone who has a live camera.

Your camera will provide any proof to help with investigations should anything of such occur, thereby causing them to stir clear of your path.

4. Increases cycling awareness

Having video footage of your cycling experience will help the general public know the issues you encounter while cycling thereby granting them a better understanding of what it means to be a cyclist – this can also help you better inform road drivers of the dangers of reckless driving.

5. Improves your performance

You can tell how good you were, not just by how you feel, but by what you see.  Having live footage of your race can also help you know the various terrains you took during the cause of the race, thereby giving you a clearer mental picture and a performance edge when you decide to take such a route next time.  

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Cyclist Camera

1. Image clarity for photos and videos

The least you would expect of a good cycling camera is 720p but it’s sensible to set at least 1080p.

Since most of us watch our recording on a cell phone or PC, 1080p is a very useful alternative.

As it stands, a 4K is the highest quality level at this moment.

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If you ride for longer periods, you might need to avoid a 4K camera for the present as it detrimentally affects battery life.

A 4K camera requires lots of energy to process information which in turn requires more battery to run.

In case you will be out on your bicycle for some time, reducing the HD quality of your camera will be the safest option to take.

A useful minimum to use is 30fps (frame per second) as this is the speed of numerous TVs.

Higher fps, for example, 60fps in a portion of the cameras here offer a much smoother video with less blur vision. 

The image quality is very important if you prefer to have shots with your camera.

Videos are generally awesome however at times it doesn’t always tell the entire story.

Some action cameras don’t make still videos, while others do.

It isn’t their main function, so don’t expect your action camera to be as clear as your smartphone or a camera suited for such a purpose.

2. It should be easy to use

This simply means that the camera should be very easy to use even if you are using a glove or not.

Regardless of whether you’re putting on the camera or switching it off, taking a still picture, or making fast improvements while on the bicycle, the buttons should be very easy to manipulate.

Some action cameras come with voice commands which means you don’t have to leave the handle of your bike to operate – this is a huge plus for every action camera a cyclist should lookout for.

Your camera should also have the feature where you simply set it and it will carry out the programmed function until the end of the race.

This way, you won’t be required to make any further adjustments.

3. It should be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled

A good cyclist camera should be Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled.

These options make it easier to Livestream your races, and also give you the option to save them to the cloud.

Some might not see this as a necessity for an action camera, but when you consider how easy it is to navigate between your action camera and your video, then you will have no other option than to agree with me.

4. It should be portable and lightweight

This feature is important especially if you intend to wear it on any part of your body.

Cycling on its own can take a toll on your energy levels, and no one would want any additional load hanging from their head or arm.

Your bike camera should be as light as they come, and apart from being light-weighted, it should also be very portable to handle.

Any big camera probably has the tendency of being heavy.        

5. Battery Life Is Very Important

A bike camera is mostly judged by how long the battery can last, but unfortunately for bike action cameras, there seem to be few options out there.

A bike camera should typically last between 2 – 8 hours depending on how you use it, although, some products might offer you more than the stipulated timeframe I mentioned – it is most likely to be a hoax, just to draw your attention to it.

6. The mounting location of the camera

There are two options to choose from when it comes to mounting a camera on a bike which is the helmet, and the bike’s bar.

However, you should note that most cyclists prefer the head mount because it offers you various angle degrees when viewing, while a selected few prefer mounting it on the bike’s bar because of security reasons.

7. Waterproof properties

If a bike action camera that isn’t waterproof should be a no-no for you.  Cycling can occur in any kind of weather, be it rain or sun, and your bike action camera should be able to capture all the precious moments regardless of what the weather feels like.

8. Durability

There are some cases you are likely to crash while cycling, especially when cycling in the mountains – and as such, your camera should be rugged enough to stand the beating that comes with falling on the ground from time to time.

There is no point in purchasing a camera that would get spoilt after a crash.    

Below, I will be reviewing five (5) cycling cameras that are more than capable of capturing your special cycling moments.

5 Best Cameras For Every Cyclist

These cameras have been used by pros and normal athletes alike, and the choices come with no sort of bias whatever.

Have your pick!

1. GoPro Hero 4 Black


The GoPro franchise is a popular choice when it comes to cameras due to the way they are built, and the GoPro Hero 4 Black is no different.

Here are some of the features that should impress you.


1. Durable plastic covering

It accompanies a waterproof plastic case that secures the GoPro 4 as well as makes it conceivable to get the sound of your sound chronicle.

The plastic covering doesn’t in any capacity influence the sound conveyance of the Camera. 

2. Wifi and Bluetooth enabled

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth access make it conceivable to work directly with your cell phone.

To work with this feature, you will need to introduce an application from the GoPro site, link it with your camera.

With this cycle, your telephone screen fills in as the UI (user interface) for your camera. 

3. Memory space

Available in the camera are two entryways.

The primary entryway makes it viable for you to put a memory card (SD card) which fills in as the memory of the camera.

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It would be ideal if you put a truly strong memory card that won’t ruin your information and make the entire cycling experience a vain venture.

The other entryway is situated at the base of the camera.

It makes a space for the camera’s battery. 

4. Very easy to use

Three buttons are situated at the highest point of the camera. One is for recording, a different button is for the mode operation that helps you navigate between the video mode, picture mode, and the multi-shot option – it serves as the settings button as well. 

5. Good processor speed

It has a quick processor that quickens the performance and upgrades the picture quality as well. 

6. Clear resolution

The camera resolution is multiple times the resolution of a 1080p. It is the super high resolution of 4K30 that makes it stands apart from its friends, and the video quality has very high quality compared to the camera size. 

7. Records on the go

It is likewise intended to begin recording as soon as you select the quick capture mode.

You don’t need to stress over missing an epic second because you switched off your camera. 

8. Night video and photo option

The night photographs and night video modes have very high quality when taking pictures at night, or in the dark.

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The Auto Low Light mode additionally guarantees that you don’t need to change the brightness of your camera before snapping a photo – simply make the required changes in the settings, and it will know the perfect measure of light required for that shot. 


  • It is ideal for the modern cyclist
  • It comes highly recommended
  • It’s a beast in terms of surviving harsh conditions
  • Clear picture and audio quality
  • It can be used to take photographs, as well as clear motion videos
  • It is very portable
  • It is waterproof


  • The high resolution can mean that the battery would not last for a long amount of time.

2. Go Pro Hero 5


Next, up my list is the Go Pro Hero 5 action camera, and here are some of its exciting features

Product description

1. Quick slide feature

The GoPro HERO 5 has a quick slide feature that sends all the pictures and recordings to your phone, where it changes them into an edited video.

It simply gives you the same option you have on your phone, on the camera as well.

2. Very waterproof

The GoPro 5 is designed to be waterproof to about 33ft without you requiring the necessary packaging, yet to play it safe, I recommend you use the protective casing in case you happen to accidentally drop your bike during the race.

3. Elapse mode

The burst and time pass mode make it easy to have wonderful 4k recordings, and a 12MP focal point implies that you can be sure of the quality and sharp pictures it will take during the race. 

4. The easy user screen interface

Unlike the GoPro 4, the GoPro 5 consistently gives you room to make some basic changes right there on the camera with its 2-inch touch screen.

It likewise allows you to manage your recordings immediately, without you requiring a video editing application on your phone or computer. 

5. Power on the auto record option

Just like the GoPro 4, the GoPro 5 camera can begin recording when it is turned on.

No conventional settings are required.

Regardless of whether you are mounting your camera, or you are wearing it, you can make certain to have a wonderful setting experience. 

6. Voice command feature

An exciting feature of the GoPro 5 camera is the voice command. During the race, you probably won’t be free to use your hands to change certain commands or make contact with the screen.

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The voice command feature makes it conceivable and adaptable to make fundamental changes without needing to touch the screen. 

The GoPro 5 camera also helps you automatically upload pictures you take to the cloud directory, but always ensure that your camera is connected to the internet to enjoy this feature.


  • It is typically your modern-day camera
  • Comes with newly added features such as video editing, and cloud picture saving
  • Voice command feature update
  • Waterproof
  • Time-lapse shooting option
  • It comes highly recommended by experts


  • The battery duration seems to be an issue, but when you turn off certain features that you don’t need during the race, you will be good to go.
  • Some users have complained of buying the refurbished product, so ensure what you are buying is brand new, and not refurbished or fairly used.

3. GoPro 7 action camera


Up next is the GoPro 7 action bike camera, and just like the GoPro 5, it comes with lots of upgrades from the earlier versions – let’s find out more.

Product Feature

1. Waterproof

A major similarity it has with GoPro 5 is the capacity to remain waterproof without its packaging, yet as I said before, to make your camera safe in case of accidental falls while cycling, ensure to put in the protective casing.

2. The live video recording feature

You can have a Facebook live recording straight from your GoPro 7 live with your Facebook account.

You can also save your videos without the need to compress them.

3. Photo shot optimization feature

It has a super photo feature that is aided with the HDR (high dynamic reach/range).

This feature assists with lessening the noise when you snap a photo thereby optimizing the shot to a large extent.

 4. Voice command feature

A basic feature it shares with the GoPro 5 is the voice command that allows you to make significant orders with your voice without you pressing a button. 

5. Perfect angle for your visuals

The GoPro 7 anticipates your movement while being very stable.

It gives you an ideal point without you expecting to tilt your camera to accomplish such angles. 

6. TimeWarp feature

It comes with the TimeWarp feature that permits you to time-lapse your recordings, and furthermore speed up your shoot by practically 30x.

This encourages you to convert long videos to short videos to help you enjoy the moments in a short timeframe. 

7. Slow-motion feature

The slow-motion feature allows you to slow down motion while recording your video up to multiple times, using a high edge pace of 1080p240.

This encourages you to catch everything in the moment as you deem fit.


  • It comes highly recommended
  • It is waterproof
  • Comes with lots of new amazing features such as slow-motion recording, high picture resolution, timewarp, movement prediction, etc.
  • Comes with a protective casing


  • The users who have a complaint about the GoPro 7 camera are those that purchased the refurbished version. Kindly ensure to purchase the brand new version of the camera to experience a better result.

4. DJI Osmo action camera 4k


If you’re looking for battery life, then I strongly recommend the DJI Action camera. It definitely gives the GoPro franchise value for its money.

Here are some added features that give it value.

Product feature

1. Good HDR reach

The HDR (high dynamic range) video feature makes the recording experience more powerful than it would have regularly been. 

2. Sharp focus

With a 40k/60fps, it gives your recording a sharp and detailed focus, thereby give you lots of details in a single picture. 

3. Slow-motion feature

It additionally has the slow-motion feature the GoPro 7 has, yet this time it takes it at an extremely high clearness of 1080p and at 240fps (outlines every second).

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What’s more, when you decide to overlook the slow-motion feature, it gives you shake-free footage that is possible with the mix of EIS and complex rocksteady calculations.

With the DJI Osmo action camera, all actions can be clearly recorded. 

4. Selfie made easy and accurate

It additionally has a screen in front which allows you to catch your selfies with more precision. For the people who can’t do without a selfie, this one is certainly for you. 

5. Quick button access

The Quick Switch button gives you fast access to the settings and modes you are probably going to access. You don’t need to explore the camera program for simple commands. 

6. Waterproof

It is waterproof in wet conditions for profundity up to 11 meters. The screen is likewise hydrophobic covered, so you can have no stress over it getting influenced by water. 

7. Voice command feature

The DJI Osmo action camera also has a voice control feature which can be useful in making significant commands such as, shooting photographs, recording, and turning off the camera.

You can always use your camera during cycling without touching it. It comes with a handle, a waterproof case, a flat glue mount, a curved glue mount, a locking screw, a USB cable, and furthermore a truly dependable battery.

The DJI Osmo camera is unquestionably a brand you can trust with no regret whatsoever.

It additionally has an App that can be used on both android and IOS platforms, although you should note that the android OS it can work with has to be from 7.0 and above, nothing less.


  • It can do basically everything the GoPro 7 action camera can do – ranging from the voice command feature, to the slow-motion enhancement video capture; the DJI Osmo has it all.


  • The raves on the DJI Osmo action camera on various online forums have been nothing short of awesome, to say the least. If there is negative feedback, then it’s probably from someone who purchased a refurbished camera.

5. GARMIN VARIA Cycling Rearview Radar


Finally, on my list is the Garmin Varia cycling review radar device that works perfectly for a cyclist in urban areas or places with much vehicular movement. I included this product due to the importance it has on kids who prefer biking to school.

Here are some of its features.

Product features

1. Provides awareness in real-time

The rearview radar of the Garmin Varia gives you visual and audible alerts for vehicles coming from behind from as far as 140 meters away – thereby giving ample time to stay clear of motorist lanes.

2. Works with VARIA app

The Garmin Varia cycling review radar works perfectly with the VARIA app that helps to provides graphics alerts, as well as tone and vibration alerts. It also indicates the position of approaching vehicles, as well as their speed.

3. Clear light visibility

Apart from alerting you of vehicular presence, the Garmin Varia cycling review radar camera also has a light that can make a motorist aware of your position even in the daytime, for up to 1 mile.

4. Works across various device

The Garmin Varia cycling review radar camera can work with an edge bike computer or other radar display devices. It can also work with some selected Garmin smart wristwatches.

5. Easy to install

Simply mount the Garmin Varia cycling review radar camera at the rear end of your bike for proper visibility, and its sleek design will also help to make it fit perfectly on your bike.


  • It is very affordable
  • It is a perfect indicator device for an oncoming vehicle
  • It can serve as a GPS overlay for routes you aren’t familiar with
  • It is the best device in the market for riding safely


  • It’s not a camera, so it doesn’t take pictures, videos, or record any form of action moments while cycling since it practically didn’t design for such a purpose.

Here are other FAQs regarding bikes and cameras you might have.

How do you carry your camera on a bike?

Just like I stated earlier, you can decide to mount your camera on the handle of your bike or wear it on your head.

Any of these positions work for you, as long as you are comfortable with it – but most bikers will prefer wearing it on their head due to the various angles it provides.

Which camera has the best image stabilization?

In terms of image stabilization, I will suggest the DJI Osmo action camera, as well as the GoPro 8 action camera.

The reason I didn’t include the GoPro 8 camera on my list is that I haven’t concluded my research on it – but as soon as I do, I will add it to this list.

However, in terms of image stabilization, few cameras beat these two I just mentioned.

How do you take a video while riding a bike?

It is important to go through the instruction manual of your camera before attempting to record a video.

However, most modern action cameras are programmed to start recording as soon as you turn on the camera.

Therefore, don’t turn on your action camera unless you are fully ready.

Which GoPro camera is good for cycling?

All GoPro cameras are designed for action sports in general, and cycling happens to be one of them.

So depending on the camera you can afford, you can be sure to get your cycling moment recorded – however, a kind reminder of what I just stated here, the more expensive the camera is, the better for you.

Best Action Camera For Cyclists – Conclusion

There are certain moments we cherish for the rest of our lives, not because we remember them, but because we have the required visuals to back them up.

Cycling has created lots of memories among cyclists all over the world and saved many a cyclist from moments that would have landed them in hot water.

Owning a camera for a cyclist cannot be overemphasized, especially if you are in the habit of riding alone, because in moments when you will need them, you will be glad you had one on you.  


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