What Size Mountain Bike For 5 10 Person?: Easy Ways To Choose


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What size mountain bike for 5’10 persons? If you wish to be comfortable while riding, command excellent handling of the bike and stay safe, then get the right size of mountain bike for yourself.

To do this effectively, you must know your height and other personal specifics,  and also use them to decide what is best for you.

Frame sizes are used in measuring mountain bikes, which are simply the distances from the center of the crank to the top of the frame at the seat tube.

Always consider your comfort when choosing a mountain bike, which will keep you riding for long without any complaints.

When a bike is either too big or too small, there are bound to be complaints.

By now, you must be curious to know what size mountain bike for 5 10? male or what size mountain bike for someone 5 10? We shall see to that soon enough.

Using the standard chart for measuring mountain bike size fits, which is the reference index worldwide,  persons between heights of 5′ 7 to 5’11 require mountain bikes that are about 17 to 19 inches tall, which are also described as medium-size mountain bikes.

Mountain bike frames are traditionally measured in inches, from about 13 to 15 inches,  which is considered small to about 23 inches,  which is adjudged big and suitable for tall riders.

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Generally speaking, a bike can be said to be of the right size if the top tube gives a little space below your groin(the inseam of your pants),  as you straddle the bike with your feet on the ground.

Where there is no top tube,   sit on the saddle, and if your feet do not touch the ground, at least on tiptoes, the bike is not the correct size for you.

The frames of mountain bikes are generally smaller than those of road bikes to allow for easy handling in difficult terrains.

What does a 26 inch bike mean?

A 26-inch bike is a mountain bike suitable for urban riding littered with lots of debris and also for off-road tracks or thorns.

This bike is technically wider and runs on lower pressures to limit rolling resistance.

In all candor, the 26-inch bike is a little bit more difficult to ride than most other bikes because of the nature of their tires and control mechanisms, but if you master how these are done, the 26-inch bike can really be fun for mountain riding.

Worthy of note also is the fact that the 26-inch bike comes with wide knobby tires that are known to allow for a proper grip even in slippery surroundings.

They are recumbent bikes that permit reclined sitting or lying positions that suit the back, neck, arms, and wrists.

They may have no saddles,  but instead net or basket seats.

Their bottom brackets and pedals are also usually in front.

Choose your best fit of a 26-inch bike with due consideration to your height, weight, model, or color. 

They are also digitalized bikes equipped with awesome modern technological innovations.

In fact, you can even fix a timer on them and you are free to modify them,  in more ways than one, just as you wish.

What size mountain bike for 5’9 persons?

Still, with due reference to the bike size selection chart, persons with 5’9 heights are best fitted with bikes that are between 17 and 19 inches, which are also known as medium size bikes.

For persons of this height, the inseam should be between 29 to 32 inches too, just like for persons of 5′ 9 inches heights.

Bikes of this size have relatively wider tires that provide excellent grip in slippery terrains.

In addition, they are so designed that during rides, your body is held lower so that pains and other complaints around the neck, arms, torso, and other body areas are reduced as much as possible.

The features of the bike limit how much wind resistance you come up against while riding.

Can I fit road tyres on a mountain bike?

To be candid with you, unless you are somewhat able to find a road tire with the exact matching specifications to that of a mountain bike tire, you actually can’t put a road tire on a mountain bike.

The reason why you can is not very far fetched, to start with.

This is because road tires have sizes or dimensions that do not coincide with the specifics of mountain bike tires.

Their wheels are very different and so are the tires too.

Most mountain bikes use tires that are about 26 inches in size,  while road tires are ridiculously much smaller than that such as the 700c sizes.

How you fit the tire of one onto the rim of the other, is anybody’s guess, unless you are so,  so,  lucky as to find matching sizes which is, to say the least, very close to improbable.

For one thing, mountain bike tires are wider, run on lower pressures, and are much more comfortable than road tires, such that you can hardly interchange them with any success.

Can you put fenders on a mountain bike?

Certainly, you can install mudguards or fenders on a mountain bike, which is both easy and affordable.

On any bike,  but most importantly a mountain bike, the fenders are meant to prevent water spray and dirt thrown on both you and the bike by the rotating wheels.

This,  in essence, will shield you from getting wet, made cold and mucky. Similarly, less mud, dirt, and water will get onto your bike too, with the result that your bike will not get heavier through the addition of mud on it.

There is also the advantage that since your bike is spared from muddied water splash, it is likely to suffer less wear of its components and inadvertently, your washing machine as well.

By preventing water spray on you, the fenders are also giving you the chance of seeing where you are going.

Conclusively, you can put fenders on your mountain bike and for very good reasons too.

Note however that, the front fenders are more crucial in this endeavor of preventing water splash than the rear ones.

What are the qualities of good fenders on a bike?

There are many qualities or features a good fender must-have.

One of these is that the fender must hug the contour of most especially the front tire.

It is for this same reason that in some cases the fender is referred to as the mud hugger.

When it does this, there is a strong likelihood that it would be more efficient at containing both water and mud from being splashed on you.

A good fender should expectedly sit as close to the tire as possible, thereby reducing the tire volume and mud clearance.

Most bike fenders are made of plastic, but it is not uncommon to see metal fenders as well.

Where they are made of plastic, they should be very rigid and perfectly secured when tightened down using other objects such as zip ties.

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On top, most fenders are a couple of holes for narrow diameter ties, and that means you can keep the fender in place without much stress.

On occasions where such is necessary, you can remove the zip ties on the fenders to take them off the bike, such as when you wish to put the bike in the trunk of your car, for instance.

This strategy will for one, protect the fenders from being knocked out of place or their paint job from getting bruised and damaged as well.

A special fender, the DF fender gives remarkable protection against muddied water spray by especially the front tire and also prevents it from becoming wobbly, even during rides in heavy mud.

The DF fender certainly always does a remarkable job of preventing water spray.

The clamp of the DF fender has a rubber insert so that it won’t scuff up your paint job, unlike other fender types.

The DF fender is secured in place with a thumbwheel, and this means that you can always take them off the bike at a moment’s notice.

There are fenders that incorporate other means to ensure their improved efficiency.

Take the Muckynutz XL, for instance, that provides tire coverage up to the extreme ends of the bike,  both in front and behind.

This arrangement boasts of improved water spray containment through all weather conditions or environmental filth.

It is also resistant to clogging.

Another recognized brand of bike fenders is the Face Fender, which is equipped with Velcro straps that secure it in place on the bike.

This provision makes it possible to quickly swap fenders between or among bikes in no time than those with zip ties.

These straps are less complicit in paint damage than the zip ties, for example.

Some other categories of offenders, otherwise known as mini guards, are both lights in weight and small in size, without any compromise on their efficiency.

Other qualities are associated with fenders outside those explained here, but these are the major ones.

Recommended Moutain Bikes You Should Buy Today

At this juncture, after making you aware of what to look out for and why it is most logical if we point you in the right direction concerning items that are bound to come in handy.

We shall in essence, present to you products from reputable suppliers that command all the qualities we have enumerated, at prices that are simply awesome and budget-friendly.

1. Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike


  • Its internal cable routing permits neat and clean lines with increased protection.
  • Has disc brakes for superior stopping power.
  • The big tires accord stable and smooth rides.
  • The aluminum frame gives an exceptional lightweight.

2. Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike


  • Durable for use on all kinds of terrains.
  • The alloy frame provides a steady gearing and less maintenance.
  • The linear alloy pull brakes ensure strong stopping power.
  • The alloy frame makes the product lightweight.

3. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike


  • Ideal for all ages from thirteen upwards, with a minimum rider height of five feet.
  • The linear hand pulls brakes ensure instant stop upon application.
  • Has lightweight for easy haulage and efficient control.
  • Easy to both assemble and dismantle whenever needed.

What Size Mountain Bike For 5 10 Person – Conclusion.

The sort of bike you buy determines the sort of ride you will eventually get.

Poor and uninformed bike choices unavoidably lead to pains at different places, especially when you ride for long periods or across a long distance.

Thankfully, all these should rightly be behind us now, since we know what to look for and why.

Choices of bikes, regardless of the purpose you want to buy them for, should solely focus on your body type and the peculiar way you ride.

After all, we all have preferences in posture while riding.

There is also the issue of maintenance and cleaning of the bike as well as how to respond to emergency situations.

All these have been discussed exhaustively, just so you have a memorable riding experience.

Do not forget also that the bikes themselves are designed for different purposes and that is why we have road bikes, mountain bikes and so on.

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It is not an issue of what is good for the gander is equally good for the goose. No, the bike suitable or awesome for one rider may end up a complete let down to you, since we vary in height, weight, and also posture preferences.

So, always choose that which is most comfortable and totally compatible with you.

This way, nobody can rub you of the delight and pleasure, as may be found in riding. Choose well.

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